Claire’s Story: Her Routine, Warriors & Grounding

I met Claire Lindsay Mannheimer at the Sebastopol Farmers’ Market one day, along with her boyfriend Sean.  The second time I met them Claire introduced herself and told me that the black puer that she had been drinking had helped her relieve her carpal tunnel syndrome/ arthritis in her wrist. Previously, for 8 years she had worn a brace on her wrist when the pain got bad, and when it was really bad she couldn’t even hold a fork to her mouth and it hurt her to even drive.  Does she still have flareups?  Yes.  But drinking tea has become part of her routine for various reasons.  You can watch our original video interview here:

We are happy to say that Claire has continued her work as an amazing Jewelry Designer and Metalsmith.  That brings us her just-released creation, her Warrior Collection.

Onyx Cuff

“Onyx is considered a stone of protection because of its ability to absorb and transform negative energy. It can assist those who feel like their personal energy is being drained by encouraging the development of emotional and physical strength and stamina. Onyx can increase your confidence and inner strength, particularly during times of uncertainty and stress.”  –From Claire’s website.

The idea that putting on jewelry to start your day as a source of protection and strength is interesting to me.  That is how I feel when I begin my day eating the PuerhChia® or Pu-erhChia® breakfast/meal. It prepares me to deal with rain, cold, wind, virus, whatever nature may bring that day. It protects you from the effects of aging, and keeps your mind sharp, relaxed, and creative, happy and positive. Claire’s designs, like tea, are timeless, simple, elegant and authentic.  Made from essential earth elements, just like ancient tea trees. We thank Claire for having the courage and goodness to share her story, and her amazing art.  You are grounded, intelligent, creative, hardworking and funny.  We appreciate all the effort it takes for you to run your own business.  Yang Su loves the bracelet that I gave to her.  She says it is well made and is comfortable to wear.  She is starting to have a small collection of your beautiful work.  Claire you are always welcome at our tea table.

2014 Fu Gui Cake

“I’ll have what she’s having.”

–Larry and Yang Su

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