Norma Believes Pure Puer Tea Helps Improve Circulation for her Reynaud’s Syndrome

I am really enjoying my puer tea. After being a lifelong black tea drinker I have noticed an improvement in my health since I started drinking 5 or 6 cups of puer tea a day. I have a condition called Reynaud’s syndrome where my fingers turn white and go numb in the cold. It started about 4 years ago and has gotten worse each winter. Since I started drinking puer tea regularly the condition has improved noticeably. Instead of experiencing numbness several times a day, I get it less than once a day. It also first appeared much later in the cold season this year than it has in the past. I’m very happy about this as the numbness is uncomfortable and disconcerting.

I have been drinking puer tea from time to time for a couple of years, but just started drinking several times a day in September. I know of no other explanation for my improvement. I do think it is related to circulation. I started drinking puer tea regularly after reading the studies on your website because heart disease, high cholesterol and high blood pressure run in my family. I am heart healthy but I am trying to improve my odds as I get older. I eat a (mostly) plant based diet and get regular exercise. I hoped puer tea would help keep my numbers in line. I didn’t expect the Reynaud’s to improve but I’m glad it did.

Norma Scogin
Mother, Writer and Attorney
Washington, DC


9-30-15 update:

My Reynaud’s has been much less pronounced over the past year so the improvement continues. After drinking mostly green puer tea in recent months I think it has been even more beneficial for me.

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