Matthew Peretz’s puer/chia experience

This was Matthew’s response to Larry’s puer/chia post:

It is just a pure coincidence that I happened to start eating chia seeds and drinking Puer tea at about the same time, but I found this whole thing amusing because I am also experiencing better than expected rates of weight loss (I had gained 45 lbs in the last nine months when I stopped jogging) – of course it’s pretty hard to tease out what the cause/effect is – I also started jogging again every other day and I’m now up to between 4 and 5 miles per jog. When I started again several weeks ago I couldn’t even do 2 miles without feeling like I was going to plotz. Anyway, I’m not going to try to figure it out! I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing. I know I need to add muscle-building/resistance/weights to my obsession with cardio – I know it burns calories at 2X the rate of cardio, but for now I’m sticking to what I’m doing

So it’s hard to tell but I think it’s ‘all of the above’ that is helping . I have lost like 10 lbs in 2 weeks. Actually, when I started with the Puer and Chia on a daily basis is when the weight really started to come off. Before that I thought that jogging was just doing nothing and I was getting frustrated. I also drink 4-6 6oz cups of the black puer per day.

I’m going to keep on using this Puer/Chia combination for sure. It was just my own way of starting the day.

Matthew also wrote:

Pure Puer Tea – what can I say. Larry has helped me find and select the best teas of this greatest of all teas – and he answers every single question (and I had MANY) about every aspect of this tea. I ask him for recommendations in a given price range (my budget) and he gives me some choices. I ask him details about everything from brewing to the biochemistry of the tea and its health impact/implications and he answers every question with great thought and detail. He and his wife select the BEST, chemical and pesticide free Puer teas.

I have tried other online merchants and there is always a downside in terms of quality control IMHO. That is NOT the case with Larry at Pure Puer (

I started drinking this tea because I wanted something completely different and my research told me that this was a very unusual tea (for Westerners I think) – it is earthy and delicious and just fantastic.

Nobody has a better quality: value proposition for this phenomenal tea than Pure Puer. And nobody will give you better advice and direction/instructions than Larry. You can trust him and his products implicitly.

Absolutely the best source of this astounding tea. More people in the West need to know about it.

You REALLY need someone who knows what they are talking about and who sells the best there is when it comes to Puer Tea. This is it.

One final, but important note: Puer Tea is PHENOMENAL for helping with WEIGHT LOSS. Its properties have been studied extensively and there is great information on the Website as to how/why this is true. It also has (even the black tea has very low caffeine content compared to coffee as Larry has told me). I can drink it at night and it has no effect on keeping me awake whereas even drinking commercial iced tea wreaks havoc on my sleep. So I use the RIPE variety of Puer and I have now lost (along with jogging and chia seeds) over 10 lbs in about 10-12 days! Check their Website for all kinds of information, recipes and videos.

Thank you Larry and Yang Su!

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