Lenny Eiger’s PuerChia.com testimonial

This has been great! Puer tea is smooth as silk and delicious.

I’ve been using the (Mila®) chia seed and (Pure Puer Tea®) puer tea mixture for 6 weeks now. I have diabetes Type 2 and it’s lowered my glucose readings considerably. On average days, my sugar levels now run in the 100-120 range, which is normal for me. I have a fair amount of stress and that will always mess things up in this regard, but the mixture has made a substantial improvement, in the range of 35-50 points on a regular basis.

In addition, I work at home, and having the chia every morning has made it so that I don’t make the trip to the kitchen every 1/2 hour or so to get a snack (usually handful of almonds). I no longer feel the need the eat in between meals. I used to feel a strong desire to eat right at noon or 12:30. Now I can easily go to 2:00 or 2:30 PM before I feel hungry.

Give it a try!


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