Pure Puer Tea at University of San Francisco Presentation

On Nov 18, 2013 Larry gave a presentation at the University of San Francisco at the request of Jillian Smith, peer advisor for the International Studies major at the University of San Francisco (pictured in last slide of slideshow.)  Larry discussed the two main reasons why he became interested in the tea business.  As a Business/Spanish major himself, he has always been interested in other cultures.  He felt that the United States was missing the beauty and spirituality of the tea culture, as well quality tea itself.  He also wanted people to know that China has parts which are pristine and beautiful, and that puer tea has many health benefits to offer.  Puer tea is a great ambassador.

After showing how puer tea is processed and how it is different from other teas, he explained the many health benefits of puer and how the United States could cut the cost of healthcare by educating people about this tea.  He explained that people should use it to lower cholesterol instead of using statin drugs.  He also explained Pure Puer Tea’s latest concept PuerChia.™


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