2015 Holiday Sale

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Welcome to the 2015 Pure Puer Tea holiday sale!  From now until Dec 21 everything purchased on our website is 10% off our regular prices.  As usual, orders of $100 or more ship for free.  Here are some holiday ideas.  We have more of our very popular 2008 Third Grade Cake back in stock.  This full-bodied pesticide-free cake is one of the best values in puer tea.  One cake makes about 710 six ounce cups of tea.

2008 Third Grade Black Cake

We have added some new Yixing Containers and teapots to our collection:

Yixing Clay

A unique gift idea for this season is our new patented glass Travel Buddy® infuser bottles, one with a auto-straw and one without.

GlassTravel Buddy® with auto-straw

Glass Travel Buddy® without straw

Our Tong Qing Hao and Xishuangbanna cakes are one year older now, smoother and more complex:

Black Puer Tea Cake

2015 has been an amazing year as we have more health testimonials and we have learned more than ever about the benefits of puer tea.  If you haven’t checked out these two sections recently, here are many good reasons why we believe puer tea gives you the biggest health bang for your buck.  Please share this information and these products with your loved ones and friends.

Health Benefits of Puer

PuerChia™ and PuerhChia®

Happy and healthy holidays from Larry and Yang Su!


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