Puer tea as an alternative or complement to statin drugs; a testimonial

For some years I had taken the statin drug Atorvastatin* to control my cholesterol but
stopped taking the drug around April of this year as it was making me feel ill,
lightheaded, nauseous,—just a general feeling of weak all over. I had to lie down for an
hour or two, but when I skipped the Atorvastatin, I didn’t have these symptoms. I knew I
needed to do something for cholesterol control, so I started drinking black puer tea.
I have been drinking this for ten weeks now, and I just had my cholesterol and blood
sugar retested. There was a dramatic drop in both numbers as well as a big
improvement in my cholesterol ratio. My last physical exam had shown both cholesterol
and blood sugar numbers to be too high.

Within a few days of starting this tea, I felt physically better than I had in a long time. I
find that I crave this tea. I easily drink 2+ quarts daily of Larry’s 3rd Grade Black Puer
Tea; and I have just purchased a cake of his green tea which I am going to prepare
today for the first time. I have also lost a few pounds in the past ten weeks but this may
be due to my increase in vigorous exercise. I do eat red meat, dairy and sugar products.
I am an active 66-year-old woman.

Larry has spent considerable time educating me about the potential health benefits of
these teas; and I feel fortunate to be working with someone who is so passionate about
his work. Thank you, Larry. By the way, I’ve lost my taste for my daily cafe au lait.
*My initial dosage of Atorvastatin was 10 mg. per day which I tolerated without side
effects; but, when the dosage was upped to 20 mg., I eventually had problems.

Margaret R.

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