Puer Tea in the May issue of the National Geographic Magazine

Please check out the May issue (click link below) to read a great article about the oldest and highest (5000 year-old trading route) from Yunnan China, through the Himalayas to Tibet. It is known as the “Tea Horse Road.” The article has some beautiful photos and shows the Tibetan Monks drinking puer tea, for whom “tea is life.” For fans of our Yi Wu Mountain green puer tea, you can see Yiwu on the map, and see a photo of a tea farmer in Yi Wu.

The author notes that the tea is bitter, not smooth, and made from the largest leaves and stems. The article doesn’t mention that this is because the Tibetans buy the most affordable green puer tea, which has quite a different taste from the finer leaf and higher grade puer which we sell. Also, their brewing method involves a much longer brewing time, and their
tea is mixed with yak butter.

Be sure to click on the link to the article’s photo gallery as well to view some spectacular photos.

National Geographic Tea Horse Road article

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