Introducing 2 New Teas


We are excited to introduce two new teas which have just arrived! The first is our 2015 Fu Gui Black Puer Tea Cake:

Factory: Wenlong
Harvest Year: 2015
Type: Ripe/Shu
Harvest Area: Feng Qing
This cake is hand picked from fine, superior-sized leaves (the young sprout.) It comes from the western part of Yunnan, close to the Himalayas, and in an area close to the oldest tea tree in the world, a puer tea tree over 3700 years old. The brewed tea is dark, smooth, rich, with a hint of a plum flavor. It may be enjoyed now, and is an excellent tea for aging as well.

To order this cake click here:
2015 Fu Gui Black Puer Tea Cake


The second is our 2012 Bu Lang Mountain Black Puer Mini Tuocha 8g:

Factory: Fu Yuan
Harvest Year: 2012
Type: Ripe/Shu
Harvest Area: Bu Lang Mountain

Smooth, earthy, balanced, with a slightly sweet, pleasing aroma and a lasting finish. The color is a rich, red, golden amber.

To order this tea click here:
2012 Bu Lang Black Puer Mini Tuocha 8g

–Larry and Yang Su


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