Exclusive tour by Joan of Sonoma Valley Stables



Joan gave Larry and Yang Su an exclusive tour of her elite stables for jumping horses. Joan has a lot of experience in the health field. As a manager and owner of an top horse training facility for decades, wife of a surgeon and mother of a PhD and researcher in the health field, Joan knows about health. Her attention to detail, quality, design, and belief in natural methods to train and maintain health is evident.

Within the last 3 years or so Joan has used Pure Puer Tea to improve her cholesterol levels, and was able to stop taking the statin drugs that she had used for 30 years. The stain drugs were making her sick. Now Joan is healthy and vigorous, without the use of statins.

Hope Glynn Interview In this interview, Joan’s stepdaughter explains how preventative medicine, care and training of the horses, and natural solutions are a big part of the success of their program.

You can see Joan’s testimonial telling how she quit taking the statin drugs she had been taking for 30 years and now just drinks Pure Puer Puer Tea instead. Her video is the first one on the page:

Joan Pure Puer Tea cholesterol testimonial

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