An open letter: Why I resigned from the Sebastopol Farmers’ Market Board of Directors in 2021

An open letter:  Why I resigned from the Sebastopol Farmers’ Market Board of Directors in 2021

I resigned from my position as the Treasurer of the Board of the Sebastopol Farmers’ Market due to a host of inappropriate, unethical, and possibly illegal activities carried out by the board.  This is a list of some of the unacceptable actions performed by the board:

  1. Broke bylaws
  2. Arbitrarily excluded some members from getting on board
  3. Intimidated members, possibly took discriminatory actions
  4. Failed to follow up on possible illegal actions taken by a staff member or board members, possibly conspiring to conceal their actions
  5. This organization has violated the goodwill that the City of Sebastopol has shown us
  6. Their possible discriminatory and illegal actions are a violation of the Gofund Me rules
  7. Changing a major bylaw with little representation from the membership, no notification of proposed rule changes, no prior discussion, and purposely voting on the bylaw changes before voting in new board members so that their voices would not be heard
  8. Another board member who resigned prior to me also cited concerns with improper proceedings at the election meeting and changing of a major bylaw
  9. We need to erase all rules and changes to bylaws since the meeting(s) on which this occurred and investigate possible illegal actions taken by board and staff
  10. Some very talented members who were once interested in serving on the Sebastopol board have decided to participate in other markets instead
  11. Little to no prior notice of candidates applying for a board position.  Little to no prior notice that a board member will be leaving a position.
  12. The current board is illegitimate

March 1, 2022

Lawrence Chin

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