Accessing the ebook “Living with Living Tea”:

You will receive an email from Lawrence Chin from Blackberry Workspaces that looks like this. Save this email link as you will use it to access the book each time you want to read it. Internet connection needed. Each time you access the book you will be sent a new access code.

2 Click “Go to file” and enter your email address on this screen:

3. Blackberry Workspaces will send you an access code. Copy and paste this code into the screen that looks like this:

If you have trouble accessing the ebook, email us at

For additional information about signing in, you can watch this video:

Here is a short video which explains how to sign into the ebook.

Once you have accessed the ebook, here are some navigation tips:

Navigation tips:

The blue square on the left of menu bar allows you to add page thumbnails to the view

To the right of the thumbnail square are the page arrows. Clicking on the right arrow advances the page, the left arrow returns to an earlier page. You can type in a page number between the arrows to jump directly to a page.

The left and right arrows on your keyboard may be used to advance or return to a page. On a Mac, other than clicking on the arrows in the menu, this was the second most reliable way to navigate the pages.

After the book loads, which may a few minutes, the page up, down, home and end buttons may sometimes work to navigate the ebook

On a Mac, the spacebar may be used to advance the page, the shift and spacebar together may be used to return to a page.

The up and down arrows on your keyboard may be used to scroll your page

The white page layout button (the one that looks like a piece of paper with the top right corner folded) may be used to view the ebook as a single or double page

Suggested optimal layout: We like the thumbnail navigation, with the double page view, using the left and right arrows on your keyboard works really well (at least on our Macs). Some people have said that they used their up and down arrows instead on their Windows computers. Try and see what works for you.

Enjoy the ebook, and if you ever need assistance please email us at

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