Doterra On guard is a powerful antibacterial oil. My wife has used it to prevent infection in her mouth for 2 weeks when she broke her tooth in half in China by biting on a small stone. My cousin, her dentist, was astounded that she could have gone 2 weeks without seeing a dentist without being in intense pain, and without it being infected. My cousin now uses On Guard in his dental practice after he does dental surgery, and he has not had any problems with any of his patients getting an infection after being operated on.

A story about one of our tea customers. We were talking one day and he said that he had been in intense pain for about 6 months due to an infection from a root canal. Yang Su convinced him to try a tube of Doterra On Guard toothpaste. Basically she said what do you have to lose? A few weeks later he came back with a big smile on his face. He said his pain was gone. Then he said, I don’t want to get too excited because once this happened (when he wasn’t using the toothpaste) and the pain returned. About a month later he came back and told us that the pain was definitely gone. Worth its weight in gold.

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