A Real Puer Tea Weight Loss Success Story



On January 23, 2012, my Chinese New Year’s resolution was to do something for myself and go on a diet. I have always eaten healthy organic foods, but I needed to do something different.

My starting weight was 153 pounds. To put things in perspective, before I had my two kids, my normal body weight was 90 pounds. When my son was born I had a c-section and I was told not to exercise until I recovered from the surgery. For a couple of years after his birth I weighed between 170-180 pounds. For several years after that I weighed between 140-150 pounds. Now, my daughter has graduated from college and is now my business partner, and my son is in middle school.

In the beginning of my diet I decided that I would not weigh myself too often. I didn’t have a formal plan, but I decided to see how I felt. I was inspired by my friend Yang Su who is so health conscious (goes to the gym, eats well) etc. Looking at her, I knew that something she was doing must be working. I started drinking her puer tea because she told me it was good for weight loss, and many other benefits. Not only that, I enjoyed the taste. It was smooth and earthy.

After a month had passed of drinking puer tea I decided to weigh myself. I was surprised to see that I had lost 12 pounds. I didn’t feel as though I had made any sacrifices. The only thing I had done differently was to drink the tea. At the end of 4 months I had lost 20 pounds. At this point, I started running in the morning. After a week, the running was replaced by an hour walk. I did this morning walk routine for a total of two and a half weeks. Then I decided to take a break from the walking routine because I wanted to make sure that the tea alone was responsible for my weight loss.

Now it is August, 2012, and my weight is down to 122 pounds. Ever since the birth of my daughter I have wanted to get my weight down to 120. This is the first time in 26 years that I have been so close to actually doing it! When I reach 120 pounds I plan to resume my exercise routine again by going to the gym and getting a trainer. My plan is to reach and maintain a body weight of 110 pounds.

Puer tea helps suppress my appetite so that I now eat about 2 meals a day. I no longer have the urge for late night eating. Until recently, I had been a lifelong drinker of other kinds of tea such as: oolong tea, jasmine pearl, and dragonwell.The other teas did not curb my appetite the way puer tea does. My body has a tendency to retain fluid, and after drinking a lot of other teas, I often felt bloated with water. Puer tea does not make me feel this way. I still drink coffee in the morning, but I drink puer tea from about 5 pm to 9:30 pm. I usually drink about 8-10 warm cups per day.

I recommend Pure Puer Tea to my customers and friends. Through my encouragement my boyfriend now drinks it regularly as well. I recommend this tea because I have tried it and it works.

Cathy Tsui
Tru Gourmet Organic Dim Sum

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  1. larryc says:

    We suggest that you take it to a reputable puer tea vendor and have them take a look at it. It is important to buy your tea from an experienced and reputable source.

  2. Leona says:

    Hi I live in Shanghai and I’ve bought 2 different types of Puer tea. They both smell and taste very different. Is there any way of telling which one is the better quality?

  3. larryc says:

    Cathy drinks about 8-10 warm 6 ounce cups per day. This is a total of about 60 ounces. She uses about a tablespoon of Pure Puer Tea to brew between 8-10 cups brewed individually. Some people have found Pure Puer Tea to be effective to help alleviate arthritis as well.

  4. Shelia says:

    Did I understand correctly that you drink nearly a gallon of pure tea per day, mostly in the evening? wow, that’s a lot of tea! Did you brew it all at once, brew each cup separately, rebrew/infuse your tea leaves (how many times). Lots of questions, I know. I need to lose a LOT of weight (about 60 lbs) and I have pretty severe osteoarthritis.

  5. larryc says:

    Hi Christina,

    She drank primarily black (ripe) puer such as the 2009 Superior Loose Black Puer.

    2009 Superior Loose Black Puer

  6. Christina says:

    Could you tell me if you drank ripe puer or raw? Thank you.

  7. larryc says:

    Hi Liz,

    For weight loss we advocate drinking from between 5-10 six ounce cups per day. We do not believe that there is a certain time when you must drink the black puer. It is low in acidity so it will not upset your stomach. We feel the green puer is good to drink when you have food in your stomach because it has more acidity. We do not believe that drinking puer tea at any time will cause weight gain.

  8. Liz says:

    When can you drink puer tea? I heard if you drink at the wrong time it will make you gain weight. Does it matter?

  9. larryc says:

    Hi Narda, a good quality puer should work. We have never tried that tea so we cannot comment on its effectiveness. We know that Pure Puer Tea® is the best source and value for quality puer.

  10. Narda says:

    Hello, I have purchased a box of Numi Organic Tea Emperor’s Pu·erh and was wondering if I would get the same results or do I need to purchase a different brand of tea?

  11. larryc says:

    Most people can drink it all day long. The black puer is low in caffeine and acidity. It is easy on the stomach.

  12. ophelia says:

    Hi. I started drinking this tea yesterday. I want to know if I can drink it at anytime during the day or I drink it after meals
    Pls advice. I got the tea from shanghai

  13. larryc says:

    (In response to Lorena) The black puer may be consumed any time, even on an empty stomach. Green puer has more acidity so we recommend drinking it when you have some food in your stomach. Black puer is low in caffeine so many people can drink it late at night as well. In fact, some people drink it to help them sleep. It has the amino acids theanine and GABA which help you relax and sleep. For most people we recommend 5-10 cups of puer a day. Most people can drink more black puer than green because it is easier on the stomach, and has less caffeine. Everyone is different so try and see what works for you. Larry starts off every morning with a 6-8 oz cup of black puer mixed with Mila® chia seeds for his PuerChia™ breakfast.

  14. larryc says:

    (In response to H) We do not drink the puer mixed with other teas, although you can mix green and black puer. The green puer has more caffeine, so if you are sensitive to caffeine we recommend just drinking the black puer only. If you would like to drink the oolong and white tea in addition to the puer that is possible, although we think that puer is the best tea for weight loss. For weight loss we recommend the PuerChia™ breakfast/meal:


    For most pregnant women we believe that black puer is fine to drink although everyone is different and you should always check with your doctor first if you have any concerns.

  15. lorena says:

    I am new to tea an I am enjoying it. Just two question what is the best time to drink puerh tea and how much?

  16. H says:

    Can you drink pu erh mixed with other teas such as oolong and white tea to speed up weight loss? Also, is pu erh safe to drink while pregnant? If not, are white or oolong tea?

  17. Dominika says:

    I used to drink pu-erh on a daily basis. I lost about 20 kilos// 40 pounds. I felt wonderful! I exercised a lot, ate healthy green leaved veggies and grains etc. Then I got pregnant. I couldn’t drink pu-erh tea during pregnancy and later while breastfeeding. Now, my baby is 8 months old, and I still struggle with post pregnancy additional kilograms. A few days ago I started to drink pu-erh again, I hope it helps me loose a few kilos again.

    Take magnesium and vitamins while drinking a lot of pu-erh tea. I was drinking about 6-8 cups daily and after some time I felt a magnesium deficiency (my legs were going numb every night and I couldn’t sleep because of the caffeine level. I started taking magnesium and calcium – everything came back to normal 🙂 And I felt healthy, fit, slim and HAPPY 🙂

  18. Dupe says:

    Where can l buy the tea in Nigeria?

  19. larryc says:

    Hi Paula,

    The tea if properly stored should improve with age like a fine wine. Just keep it out of the sun, away from strong spice and grease smells, and allow it to breathe. Storing it in a paper bag is fine, but the best way is to place it in an Yixing or Yunnan clay container. The black puer will improve up to 25 years, and the green to about 65 years.

    Health wise, the aged tea should provide more health benefits. A 2013 Chinese study found that the microbial aging of the tea produces a natural statin called lovastatin. The longer the tea was aged, the more statin it produced. This may be one reason why puer tea has been shown in another study to raise good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol.

    As the tea ages it develops more body, has more of the amino acids GABA and theanine, which are good for relaxation, and becomes smoother, with less caffeine.

    Enjoy your aged puer in good health.


    Pure Puer Tea

  20. Paula says:

    I have purchased the tea but it has been sitting in my cabinet for 2 years. Is it still good to drink? Or has the long storage period made it lose it diet weight loss effects? I have the tea in its original paper wrapping and natural leaf brick/circle. Thank you

  21. larryc says:

    The brewing instructions for each tea may be found on the back of our bag. They may also be found on our website by clicking on the individual teas. For weight loss I recommend drinking the PuerChia™ breakfast/meal. For most people it would be good if they could drink and extra 3 cups at least of the puer for a total of 5-10 cups per day. The black puer is low in caffeine and acidity so it is easier to drink than the green puer. Visit http://www.puerchia.com

  22. LTE says:

    How exactly should I prepare the tea? How much water to how much tea? When should I drink it – first thing in the morning on an empty stomach? Several times a day before or after a meal? I would like to use the tea for weight loss – I want to make sure that I am drinking the tea properly to receive maximum results.

  23. larryc says:

    For weight loss I recommend a combination of drinking puer tea, 5-10 cups per day, and the PuerChia™ breakfast/meal.

  24. Barbara says:

    What type tea is best for weight loss? It’s so confusing and I’ve read lots about imitations being sold as well – There are ao many kinds – red ripe brown fermented help!! Thank you!!

  25. Melanie says:

    I love Pu’er Tea so much! It really does wonders for my body. The holy elixir of weightloss! Used to be I’ve been so chubby and ugly, but now I can wear dresses and clothes better with confidence! Thanks to Pu’er Tea!

  26. Larry says:

    Hi Asmae,

    In Asia, mothers will often drink tea even when breast feeding. If you do drink puer tea when breast feeding, the black puer would be better as it contains less caffeine. You and your doctor and acupuncturist would have to make the determination if it is appropriate for you and your baby.
    As to how many cups you should drink, for a person who is not breastfeeding we would say several cups a day. For a breastfeeding mom, you and your healthcare professional will have to make that determination.


    Pure Puer Tea

  27. Asmae says:

    Can i drink this if im give my baby breastfeding and how many time i can drink thanks

  28. larryc says:

    Hi Samantha,

    We found that over the years people who seem to have the most success with health benefits from puer tea are usually drinking between 5-10 cups per day. With the black puer, for most people, this is not difficult because the black puer is low in caffeine, and low in acidity. If one is sensitive to caffeine, it is always best to try a little first to see how it affects you. Everyone is different. The black puer may be drunk all day long, like water. With the green puer, we usually recommend that people drink it when they have some food in the stomach, because it is more acidic. The green puer also has caffeine levels more similar to green tea.


    Pure Puer Tea

  29. sammie says:

    hi My name is Samantha,
    I’ve just started drinking this tea but nowhere tells me the best time to have the tea? is it after lunch or? and how many cups a day did you have

  30. Jasmine says:

    Hi Larry,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to reply.
    God Bless..
    Republic of Singapore

  31. larryc says:

    Hi Jasmine,

    Pure Puer Tea is not sold in shops in Singapore, but

    you can purchase it online at Purepuer.com

    Pure Puer Tea ships worldwide.


    Pure Puer Tea

  32. Jasmine says:

    Hi! I am a 48yrs old asian female weighs 61kg and height is 5′ 2″.
    Am trying to lose 5kgs.

    I’m very keen to try this Pu er tea.
    Where can I buy it in Singapore.
    Is there a particular Pu er tea brand we have to buy or
    any brand of Pu er tea will do.

    Awaiting for your great respond.

    Thank you.

  33. larryc says:

    Hi Nita,

    You can purchase it online at http://www.purepuer.com

    Pure Puer Tea ships worldwide.

    Pure Puer Tea

  34. NITA EUNIKE says:

    I am interested and want to try, but unfortunately I can’t find the shop who sell pu’erh tea in Indonesia. Where can I buy pu’erh tea ? I live in North Jakarta (pluit). Thank you b4.

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