Drinking Pure Puer Tea stops arthritic knee and ankle pain for Mama, from Mama’s African Kitchen
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My name is Marian.  I am also known as Mama, from Mama’s African Kitchen.  About 3 years ago the doctor told me that I had arthritis in my knees and in my ankle.  I used to take an Advil when the pain became too great.

About 3 weeks ago, I started drinking Pure Puer Tea, about 6 cups per day.  Normally I an sensitive to caffeine, but I found the black puer tea to be low in caffeine, and low in acidity, so I could drink it throughout the day.  It is smooth and earthy, so I can drink it like water.  I now no longer have pain in my knees, and the swelling in my ankle has gone down.  I don’t take any medication for my arthritis, I only drink the tea.  Where I come from, Nigeria, we prefer to use natural medicines to keep us healthy and that is why I drink the tea.






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