Larry and Yang Su return from trip to Yunnan

Recently Larry and Yang Su returned from a trip to China, including the Yunnan cities of Kunming and Lijiang. We visited the headquarters of the exclusive Jin Yu Xuan Tea company, and enjoyed a private tasting and tour of their facilities. We are excited to be adding some of their extraordinary new green puer tea. The Jin Yu Xuan company pays tremendous attention to details, and does everything to ensure that its tea is among the highest quality puer teas in the world.

The quality begins from the source. Their tea comes from trees which are from 500-800 years old, that comes from famous mountains in Xishaunbanna, in Yunnan, China. They only pick their tea in the spring, to ensure that the trees are not over harvested. When the tea is carried back from the mountains, they ensure that the loads are not too full, so as to not bruise the tea leaves.
Until recently, the paper used to wrap the tea cakes was hand made. Their storage area is not only immaculate, but beautiful and functional. The temperature and humidity levels are closely monitored. Jin Yu Xuan believes tea is an art, and they value quality over quantity. Tastings at their facilities are by appointment only, and are limited to one tasting a day.

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