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  1. larryc says:

    Hi Linda,

    Here is a link to our website where you can buy a starter set:

    Brewing instructions are on the bag, and can also be found by clicking on the individual teas. If you have any additional questions you can also email us at:

    or call 415-924-7837


  2. Linda Filipowicz says:

    I just finished reading The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane and am intrigued by teas, especially Pu er. I would like to start drinking this tea, but don’t know where to start. Can you recommend a starter set; how to brew and anything else I may need to know. I look forward to hearing from you.

  3. Tyna says:

    My husband and I found you at the Sebastopol market and wanted to try your tea. We drink all sorts, green tea/black tea/herbal tea. My 20 year old son just found your tea in the cupboard and LOVES it (that says a lot, we are avid tea drinkers and probably have about 100 kinds) so there’s no more left. 🙂


  4. Maggie Owens says:

    Hello Larry,

    I enjoyed my first cups of Your Puer tea today and enjoyed it very much. Instead of a bitter, tannin taste it was rich and mellow. I heard about your product by word-of-mouth of a local residents, Danielle and Eric, your loyal customers.
    I have lots of boxes of tea and also much of the loose variety. Because I have acid reflux, I find these teas, even my many herbal teas, bother me. An exception is the mushroom tea that I purchased in Vietnam. Your tea appears not to bother me and has the plus of added health benefits.

    Thank you,


  5. Margaret R says:

    For some years I had taken the statin drug Atorvastatin* to control my cholesterol but
    stopped taking the drug around April of this year as it was making me feel ill,
    lightheaded, nauseous,—just a general feeling of weak all over. I had to lie down for an
    hour or two, but when I skipped the Atorvastatin, I didn’t have these symptoms. I knew I
    needed to do something for cholesterol control, so I started drinking black puer tea.
    I have been drinking this for ten weeks now, and I just had my cholesterol and blood
    sugar retested. There was a dramatic drop in both numbers as well as a big
    improvement in my cholesterol ratio. My last physical exam had shown both cholesterol
    and blood sugar numbers to be too high.
    Within a few days of starting this tea, I felt physically better than I had in a long time. I
    find that I crave this tea. I easily drink 2+ quarts daily of Larry’s 3rd Grade Black Puer
    Tea; and I have just purchased a cake of his green tea which I am going to prepare
    today for the first time. I have also lost a few pounds in the past ten weeks but this may
    be due to my increase in vigorous exercise. I do eat red meat, dairy and sugar products.
    I am an active 66-year-old woman.
    Larry has spent considerable time educating me about the potential health benefits of
    these teas; and I feel fortunate to be working with someone who is so passionate about
    his work. Thank you, Larry. By the way, I’ve lost my taste for my daily cafe au lait.
    *My initial dosage of Atorvastatin was 10 mg. per day which I tolerated without side
    effects; but, when the dosage was upped to 20 mg., I eventually had problems.

  6. Holly Acosta says:

    Hi Larry and Yang Su,

    In the Fall of 2012 ( I believe), I was visiting Corte Madera’s town center while I took a series of classes nearby. I went to a farmers market there and loved the tea and customer service. I recently ran out of the black and green tea, which I loved. So I made another order because it’s the best.


    Holly Acosta

  7. larryc says:

    Yes, the paper in the teacake is often referred to as a ticket. It is used to identify the brand of tea and is used as a form of authentication. The best way to show that the tea is from a certain place is to press the ticket into the teacake at the time of making the teacake. It is similar to the wax seal that the emperor would use to stamp on his correspondence.


  8. R says:

    Hi Larry and Yang Su,

    I love you tea! I just did some research online for a quality puer tea and that is how I found you. Great stuff, and I love to support independent businesses as well, so thank you for creating a quality product. I did notice though that there is some paper woven throughout my tea cake, is that pretty normal?

    Thank you!


  9. Leslie says:

    Dear Larry and Yang,
    Thank you so much for making available real puer tea! My husband and I are avid tea drinkers and drink sometimes 5 or 6 cups a day. We appreciate the quality and variety of your selection so much as we drink green in the morning, then move on to oolong in the afternoon, and dark in the evening.
    Your customer service is top notch and shipments are fast.
    We won’t order from anywhere else!
    Thank you!!!

  10. Margaret Barton says:

    Hi Larry….the container came today…it is so lovely and the feel of the pot is so silky….per the instructions, have rinsed it and it is now drying….I will enjoy touching it every
    time I make my tea (an added bonus!) 🙂

    Do you happen to know what the characters say? Also, is this also made by the father and son?

    Again, thank you!


  11. Wendie Young says:

    My name is Wendie Young and I just started drinking the Superior Black Loose Tea three weeks ago. I can see benefits in my shoulder pain and I’ve lost a few pounds also!! This is the only thing I’ve changed. I’m very impressed.

    (Prior to drinking Pure Puer Tea Wendie had shoulder pain for 2 years and was talking cortizone injections. A patient can only receive so many cortizone injections a year because they have negative side effects. Wendie had reached the limit of her yearly shots and she is sure that the effects of the shots had worn off. After drinking the 2009 Superior Loose Puer for three weeks she no longer felt pain in her shoulder.)

  12. Ed (Chicago) says:

    My Taiwan clay storage container came in the mail today. It is exceptional! I’m very happy. A lovely piece, and a perfect match for my tea table. It will bring me many years of enjoyment. Magnificent!

    – Ed.

  13. Irema Sivcevic says:

    I have been using Puer green tea for the last six months. It works great on reducing my morning symptoms of seasonal allergies such as watery eyes, running nose and plugged sinuses. Within half an hour of drinking 1 cup of the Puer green tea my symptoms are reduced and after another cup they are completely gone! I no longer need to take any other natural remedies to get my upper respiratory pathways unclogged and working. That is why I continue to drink the Puer green tea during the day to keep my respiratory pathways open.

    Thanks Larry and Yang Su for bringing this powerful tea to the farmers market.”

    Irema Sivcevic Ms Nutrition Educator, BsEE

  14. Simon Halliday says:

    Hi Larry & Yang Su,

    My wife and I were visiting a friend in San Francisco and he took us to Sausalito for the day. We encountered your stall at the Farmer’s Market and we tried several of your teas. I bought some of your Black Puer tea and one of the Piao I teapots. We really liked the tea and I wanted to get some more and I decided it would be better to order from you and have it delivered than to look for a local source – many other Puer teas I’ve tried have been nowhere near as smooth and flavorful as those you sell.
    Thanks again & best of luck,

    Simon Halliday
    Assistant Professor of Economics
    Smith College
    Northampton, MA

  15. Kate says:

    Hi Larry!

    As promised, I am sharing my blood test results after taking the puer tea for 2-3 months at 10 cups per day (now with chia seed).

    My “bad” cholesterol went from 300 to 232!! My good cholesterol, which was already at a good place, increased from 75 to 76. So, I am very happy and will continue the tea therapy to see if it will dip even lower! Plus, I have really come to enjoy this tea ritual, no matter the benefits!

    Thanks for your help and support!!!


  16. Jonathon Nettleton says:

    I was first introduced to Puer tea in Penang, Malaysia where there are several tea merchants importing Puer Tea but are not geared up to exporting to Europe.
    Hence I started to deal with you and I am a fan of this Tea in its many forms.

    In my opinion its truly not possible to lose weight just by drinking Puer tea but it has to be combined with a diet change in general. It is delicious and is without doubt a major contributing factor to losing weight when generally watching ones calorie intake.

    To many of us Europeans the majority of Americans are gross, eating vast amounts of junk food and if we lose the will to diet, have only to watch some of the readily available programmes on the TV Food Network to become re-energized with our striving to lose weight.

    I am absolutely certain that Puer Tea has reduced my cholesterol and is a major contributing factor to my weight loss of 10 kilos (22 lbs). It has also helped to keep my blood pressure under control.

    With kind regards Jonathan Nettleton

  17. Doug says:

    Hi Guys –

    I have been enjoying both your green and black puer for awhile now. I especially enjoy the green. The black is interesting and smooth, but quite subtle. Well, I had the idea of making Tibetan butter tea with the black, and wow, really excellent way to enjoy the black puer. There are various recipes around the internet. I also found you can just brew the black puer as normal, and drop in a little salt and butter, and some half and half or goat milk. Stir well. Easy way to get about the same thing. (OK, maybe not the best for weight loss and cholesterol, but I am thin enough!)

    They say the butter tea is an acquired taste, but I liked it immediately. It seems, when made with the black puer, very authentic, and somehow familiar.


  18. Lenny Eiger says:

    This has been great! Puer tea is smooth as silk and delicious.

    I’ve been using the chia seed and puer tea mixture for 6 weeks now. I have diabetes Type 2 and it’s lowered my glucose readings considerably. On average days, my sugar levels now run in the 100-120 range, which is normal for me. I have a fair amount of stress and that will always mess things up in this regard, but the mixture has made a substantial improvement, in the range of 35-50 points on a regular basis.

    In addition, I work at home, and having the chia every morning has made it so that I don’t make the trip to the kitchen every 1/2 hour or so to get a snack (usually handful of almonds). I no longer feel the need the eat in between meals. I used to feel a strong desire to eat right at noon or 12:30. Now I can easily go to 2:00 or 2:30 PM before I feel hungry.

    Give it a try!


  19. Matthew Peretz says:

    Pure Puer Tea – what can I say. Larry has helped me find and select the best teas of this greatest of all teas – and he answers every single question (and I had MANY) about every aspect of this tea. I ask him for recommendations in a given price range (my budget) and he gives me some choices. I ask him details about everything from brewing to the biochemistry of the tea and its health impact/implications and he answers every question with great thought and detail. He and his wife select the BEST, chemical and pesticide free Puer teas.

    I have tried other online merchants and there is always a downside in terms of quality control IMHO. That is NOT the case with Larry at Pure Puer (

    I started drinking this tea because I wanted something completely different and my research told me that this was a very unusual tea (for Westerners I think) – it is earthy and delicious and just fantastic.

    Nobody has a better quality: value proposition for this phenomenal tea than Pure Puer. And nobody will give you better advice and direction/instructions than Larry. You can trust him and his products implicitly.

    Absolutely the best source of this astounding tea. More people in the West need to know about it.

    You REALLY need someone who knows what they are talking about and who sells the best there is when it comes to Puer Tea. This is it.

    One final, but important note: Puer Tea is PHENOMENAL for helping with WEIGHT LOSS. Its properties have been studied extensively and there is great information on the Website as to how/why this is true. It also has (even the black tea has very low caffeine content compared to coffee as Larry has told me). I can drink it at night and it has no effect on keeping me awake whereas even drinking commercial iced tea wreaks havoc on my sleep. So I use the RIPE variety of Puer and I have now lost (along with jogging and chia seeds) over 10 lbs in about 10-12 days! Check their Website for all kinds of information, recipes and videos.

    Thank you Larry and Yang Su!

  20. Allan Keane says:

    I just received my latest order today of a gigantic Yixing Clay tea container big enough to hold some twenty or so tea cakes. It is about 13 by 16 inches in size and quite beautiful. Words don’t do it justice. It was well packaged and survived a flight from California to New York very well. It came in a box that had once held 36 tea pots, it is that big. Larry seems to have a few items for sale that he can’t put on his website but this was worth the shipping cost.

    I also bought some tea including the 2010 Tong Qing Hao, it was perhaps the best black Puer I have ever tasted.

  21. Allan Keane says:

    I bought six different teas from Larry at Pure Puer. I have tried four so far, they have all been great. The 2005 Date Flavor Black Puer has been incredible. It has a natural sweetness that lingers in your mouth as you drink it. There is no bitterness. It brews up to a nice dark color, but has a very, very smooth taste.

    While it is only a personal feeling, I believe these teas are beneficial to my health. They have helped with my digestion and lingering stomach pain from a long gastrointestinal illness. They have also made my Asthma feel a little better even if they do not improve my breathing.

    If Larry can find more Puer of this quality I hope to see it on the website.

  22. Emerson Breese says:

    Most people should aim for an LDL level below 130 mg/dL (3.4 mmol/L). If you have other risk factors for heart disease, your target LDL may be below 100 mg/dL (2.6 mmol/L). If you’re at very high risk of heart disease, you may need to aim for an LDL level below 70 mg/dL (1.8 mmol/L). In general, the lower your LDL cholesterol level is, the better. There is no evidence that really low LDL cholesterol levels are harmful. –*.

    Check out the latest post on our personal web site

  23. John Jensen says:

    Dear Larry,

    I want to let you know how much I am enjoying the green puer tea. I also enjoy the black one as well. You are right how smooth the green puer tea tastes, I love it. I drink about 2-3 cups a day. Hot and cold. Just in case you don’t know remember who I am, my name is John Jensen. I am Alan Kent’s best friend. He referred me to you. We both served in the Marines together over 20 years ago. Just a little history about me. I had a heart attack almost 4 years ago. I am Korean born American. I don’t know my family history, as I was adopted at the age of 6. I lived a very active lifestyle always exercising and watching my diet. But I guess genetics will get the best of us. Anyway I started taking statins when I had a heart attack, but I had really bad side effects after about 6 months, so I stopped and started on a tonic herb program and drinking reishi and puer tea. I get my cholesterol checked every year and it is still moderately high.

    Well I just had my total cholesterol checked a few days ago and it came back very good. My HDL was at 39, goal above 40, LDL 104 goal below 100 these are for heart disease patients. So after drinking your tea for the past five weeks, I am almost at goal. My doctor wrote to me and said continue to stay on the statin and niacin, because it is working. However I never took his recommendation because I wanted to see what my baseline would be with your teas. I am going to call him and let him know that the results are from drinking pure puer tea not taking statins. My heartfelt THANK YOU for your outstanding Teas. I will spread the word about your company.

    Gamsahamnida (Korean for many thanks)

    John Jensen (Joon Lee) my Korean name

    Semper Fidelis
    John Jensen

  24. Alan Ariti says:

    Hi Larry & Yang Su,

    I have received the 2006 Jin Yu Xuan black puer tea and it is delicious – thank you!


    Alan Ariti

    Floreat, Australia

  25. Kyle says:

    I received my new teapot today, and it’s perfect! Exactly what I was looking for. The best feature is that the upper chamber doesn’t leak when you take it out to pour.


  26. Amasa Louis says:

    Hello Larry and Yang Su,

    I received the order yesterday, that is really
    fast shipping! Thank you….

    I tried both of my Puer teas today and wanted
    to tell you that I think you have really good tea that
    is suitably priced. I may buy a brick or cake sometime,
    I was pleased with the Tuo Cha I bought the first
    time, and the loose leaf is nice. The teas I have
    purchased so far have had a very clean character,
    which makes me want to try your higher end Puer

    They make me happy, if a Puer does not have that
    elucidating quality, I won’t drink it. Regardless of how
    a tea touches your palate, above all if a Puer especially
    does not have good energy that makes you feel tingly
    inside then I have found it is usually not well sourced or
    processed. I have taken a lot more care in buying tea
    as I’ve learned more over the years, Puer is one of
    my favorite teas.

    Sheng Puer I love, but lately I’ve been craving Shou
    Puer which is a little more complex and harder to
    buy I find. I’ve been very curious about your teas,
    and I’m not disappointed, they are very nice.

    Thank you for having good tea,


  27. Jasmine says:

    I bought 2 Dahlia gaiwan … They are fabulous ! Larry you should state “Made in Taiwan on that item … It is very well made … Thank you so much for carrying this product 🙂

  28. Royce says:

    I am looking forward to this tea! Puer has lowered my cholesterol to the proper levels and I have lost some weight! My cholesterol was 256, and it brought it down under 200. I lost 13 lbs and I have been keeping it off for the most part. My joint inflammation has also been reduced. I use other natural means too but when I drink Puer tea I notice even more improvement! I am impressed and it also tastes very good! I will tell a friend who asked me about Puer tea of your web page. I gave him some and he liked it very much!

    Take care,

  29. Lisa Gilberti says:

    Hi Larry and Yang Su,

    I found out about your teas through web search on teas and came across the YouTube talk at Marin General Hospital about the medicinal properties of your teas. This caught my attention.

    I have recently started a healing journey with a TCM practitioner. I noticed in my healing that coffee was not feeling right for my body anymore. I have not been much of a tea drinker until your teas. I love the taste and the healing properties and am so happy to find a tea like yours. I am using the teas and prescribed herbs for digestion; including spleen health and weight loss. My appetite has totally changed for the better and I have more energy.

    I look forward to having a cup or two every day! Thanks so much…I feel your tea’s supporting me in my healing!


  30. Tu-Vi Luong says:

    You have the best green Puer, I can’t wait for the package to arrive. Happy New Year! As a Chinese, and as a health professional I can attest to the therapeutic properties of Puer tea. I believe firmly that Puer tea has great digestive properties and I advise my patients to drink it.

    Tu-Vi Luong, Lic.Ac.
    Acupuncture and Natural Remedies
    New York, NY

  31. Adolfo Garcia says:

    As a farmer, husband, and father, I often find myself in a constant battle with time. Being up and about from place to place disrupts my energy level and my eating habits. I have noticed a major difference in my cholesterol, fatigue, and weight since I have been drinking Pure Puer Tea. I really couldn’t have found a better product. Absolutely no catch or gimmic, just pure tea.

    Adolfo Garcia
    J&J Farms Associate

  32. Alex Woodland says:

    Hey Larry

    Got the Sika Deer Gaiwan today. Extremely pleased. Its a lovely piece! The
    service has been outstanding! Both professional and friendly!
    Been brewing it this Gaiwan all afternoon and I tell its going to be a long and
    happy relationship.

    Many thanks

    Alex Woodland
    Bristol, England

  33. Gauthier Flavigny says:

    This is just to let you know that the parcel and the Yunnan clay containers arrived all fine.

    They all look great and I think they are very fine works of art, so much so that I had to order a few more pieces…

    By the way, I can see that a few models are sold out. Are you likely to get some of these back in stock any time soon?

    Anyway, I thank you very much again for everything and wish you and all at Pure Puer a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Kind regards,



    London, England

  34. Jane Taragowski says:

    Happy Holiday to you and your family as well, Larry. I love the tea!!! I have been using it sparingly lately due to the fact that I am almost out. It is so nice and refreshing, it is really true , once you drink your tea, you really do not want to go back to bag tea!!! Now when I am offered tea I cringe because I know its bagged and not fresh. Thank you. I will be back in touch after the holidays, looking for another tea. I am not really sure what though. We won’t be having a white Christmas this year, looks like global warming is here, to bad the farmers and wild life really need the snow.


    New Hampshire

  35. larryc says:

    Hi Donna,

    Thanks for your comment and it is nice to hear from you! We advocate that after you brew the tea you drain out as much water as you can. At the end of the day place the tea in the teapot into the refrigerator overnight. You can then reuse the tea the next day. If you choose to reuse the tea after that, it is up to your discretion.


    Pure Puer Tea

  36. Donna says:

    Hello. I purchased the Black Puer Tea from Larry and Yang Su in Sausalito at the Farmers Market, this past Summer. I must say it is delicious.

    I do have a couple of questions. It is my understanding that the Tea can be brewed about 6-8 times. But can anyone tell me how does the wet leaves need to be stored after a days use? And how long are the leaves good for if you do not drink the tea the next day. Can this be stored in the frig. as a cold tea and for how long?

  37. Carl Joorman says:

    I got the basket around around
    5pm est.thats great customer service. O by the way nice touch
    With the minni tuocha’s.
    I am so enjoying everything
    That I have recieved from you.
    I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.
    I will also recomend pure puer to my family and friends.

    Later Dude

  38. Tom says:

    Hi —

    Just a quick note to let you know that my girlfriend, Caroline, and I are enjoying the wonderful Superior puer tea that we bought from the two of you at the Sausalito farmer’s market last night. It’s delicious, and reminds us of the tea that her parents serve.

    If you ever decide to expand into the Oakland area (Jack London Square has a wonderful farmer’s market!), please do let us know. Until then, hopefully we’ll be able to stop by Sausalito from time to time.



  39. Dale Gardner says:

    I just received my tea and love it. I just started to drink Puer again to help with my digestion. It really works well for me. Thank you for your note and the information you sent regarding Puer Tea for your health.

    Dale Gardner

  40. Kerry Garside says:

    Hi Larry and Yang Su

    A friend of mine has purchased some of your tea and shared some with me. I
    really enjoyed it and it helped my digestive system and so I wanted some for
    myself, she gave me your website. I normally drink green tea.

    Great news re the shipping costs..thanks so much.

    Thank you



  41. Tom Niderost says:

    Thanks for the super fast shipping! I got all orders today! Wow!

    We tried the Third Grade Black Puer tea today and love it. I have never tasted such a mellow, smooth flavored tea. It does not have the bite, that a commercial tea bag does. Thank you very much!


  42. Jane Thomas says:

    This is the third one (580cc Piao I Travel Buddy) we have purchased. My daughter and I LOVE your products.


    Mill Valley, CA

  43. Tom Niderost says:

    I normally drink green tea in teabags, and some loose tea.

    My sister lives in Northern California and happened to get a cake of this tea from a friend of hers and told me how good it is. I had to try it. I also decided later today to get some premium green tea from you.

    I appreciate quality, and I am sure that I will be doing more business with you in the future. I was even thinking about giving some small bricks as Christmas presents this year.

    Tom Niderost
    Near Jacksonville Florida, former Northern California resident. 🙂

  44. Edd Patton says:

    Larry, I am really enjoying the teas. The Bao Zhong is really clean and nice. One of my co-workers intends to order some. I like the green puerh (2010 Meng Song Green Puer Tea Mini Tuocha) and will get one of the cakes you recommended this fall. The high mountain oolong is excellent as I suspected.


  45. Daryl Knight says:

    Hi Larry,

    Received the 2009 Menghai Black Mini Tuocha and it is delicious. I had been buying
    commercial puer in the store and stopped because it often seemed to have an
    unpleasant (to me) smell. So I am back with Pure Puer! The toucha size works
    great for me.

    Thanks for the prompt delivery and friendly service! I hope Yang Su is
    having a good trip to China and Taiwan.

    Warm regards,

  46. Anne Hudson says:

    Thank YOU! Despite classes and encouragement from other tea vendors, I thought I just did not like puer until I tasted yours at the Tea Festival. Wow. There’s something you’ve got that works for my western palate. I’ve started “nursing” a gaiwan all day to keep my blood pressure, blood sugar and LDL cholesterol down.

    I was looking for a more convenient way to do road trips with tea and found your “mini”s. Will let you know how it goes.


  47. Valerie Wester says:

    Larry, the Piao tea pot is convenient and easy to use. I know I will enjoy the tea pot.

    Thank you.

    Valerie Wester

  48. Philip Daughtry says:

    Pure Puer Tea is the most reliable and efficient online company I have had the pleasure to deal with for over two years now. Their products are first rate and they stand behind their quality without reservation. Additionally their shipping always surprises me because it often has been virtually next day! Most of all the customer service is friendly and highly professional. My wife and I became confirmed puer tea afficionados on a daily basis ordering black puer dates flavored tea at a very decent price. Lawrence Chin is old world gentile and I am sure if we were to dive more deeply into the gourmet possibilities and varieties of his puer teas it would be a most enlightening exploration. As is however we are highly satisfied with our habitual morning attachment to a fairly ordinary version of dates flavored puer. I cannot recommend this company enough.

    Philip Daughtry, Topanga CA.

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