Bao Zhong Arrival 2013


Our 2013 pesticide-free Bao Zhong tea has arrived!  It is one of Taiwan’s most famous teas.  This tea is served in some of the top restaurants in San Francisco, including La Folie, and the Zuni Cafe.  It is a light green tea, in the oolong family.   Bao Zhong is baked soon after picking, so the leaves don’t have a lot of time to oxidize.  The taste is lightly floral and very elegant.  This tea is grown on an island in the middle of a drinking water reservoir in Taiwan.  The famiily that grows it is an older couple in their 70’s that produce award-winning Bao Zhong.  We offer two different versions of the Bao Zhong from the same farmer; his regular Bao Zhong, and the second place Award Winning Bao Zhong.  Click on the link below to see a slideshow and video of where it comes from and how it is made:

This is the second place Award Winning Bao Zhong tea here:

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Larry and Yang Su

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