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I began eating chia because it is full of omega 3’s (8x more than Salmon), protein (5x more than kidney beans), fiber (2x more than bran flakes), calcium (6x more than milk), potassium (2x more than bananas), iron (3x more than spinach), manganese , phosphorus (9x more than milk), selenium (4x more than flax seed) and antioxidants.

I started pouring my brewed black puer into a scoop of chia and found that it tasted better (chia by itself is rather tasteless.) In addition, puer tea would be great for improving cholesterol levels, digestion, act as an antioxidant against cancer, improve triglyceride levels, help to reduce the chance of heart attack and stroke, act as an anti-inflammatory, and more.  It fits the recommended diet for fighting cancer to an amazing degree:


Recommended anti-cancer diet


Link between obesity and cancer, National Cancer Institute


The chia forms a gel and absorbs the tea.  I believe that the combination is like a slow release of puer tea. The mixture is low in calories, carbohydrates, and acidity, satiates hunger, and is incredibly easy to prepare.  With my PuerhChia®, Pu-erhChia® breakfast I could leave the house in minutes.  With my Piao I Travel Buddy®, I can even take the breakfast with me on the road.


After eating the PuerhChia®, Pu-erhChia® breakfast (using the Mila® brand chia) for 3 months, my weight dropped from 163 to 148 pounds, even though I was not intentionally trying to lose weight, and I was already pretty lean ( I am 5’10” tall.)   I didn’t feel hungry, I had energy, and in fact I felt great. The breakfast also didn’t give me a bloated feeling in the stomach that I often felt after eating some cereals.  I felt strength in the gym and didn’t feel the lactic acid burn in my arms when I did bench presses.  I also felt that I maintained my strength longer, even when I had been away from the gym for a while.


In order to receive the full benefits of the puer tea I recommend that after the breakfast you continue to drink the tea throughout the day. At the end of the day it would be good to drink 5-10 cups of puer tea a day. This is not hard to do for most people as the black puer is low in caffeine and acidity. Also, with one tablespoon of puer you can brew between 8-10 6oz cups of tea per day, depending on leaf size. Puer tea is an essential part of the combination and I do not recommend that people incorporate the chia into a smoothie. I find that people often add too many calories into the smoothie, and they consume too much sugar. If you would still like to eat more for breakfast I would recommend eating a couple of egg whites, or the whole egg if cholesterol is not a problem, or red walnuts. Red walnuts are less bitter than regular walnuts, contain omega-3 as well and the protein helps to satiate the appetite. I make the PuerhChia®, Pu-erhChia® breakfast the first thing I eat in the morning. It immediately satiates my appetite, gives me energy, and eliminates the need to add extra calories to my diet by munching on things to feel full.


I have told many of my family, friends and customers about the PuerhChia®, Pu-erhChia® breakfast/meal. There have been many people who have experienced some very significant benefits in a short period of time.


Larry Chin, Co-Owner, Pure Puer Tea, July 16, 2013

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  1. Toni Bourke says:

    I want to try puerh tea but have wet macular degeneration and glaucoma and coronary artery disease. I wander if it’s safe for me.

    Thank you.

  2. Matthew Peretz says:

    It is just a pure coincidence that I happened to start eating chia seeds and drinking Puer tea at about the same time, but I found this whole thing amusing because I am also experiencing better than expected rates of weight loss (I had gained 45 lbs in the last nine months when I stopped jogging) – of course it’s pretty hard to tease out what the cause/effect is – I also started jogging again every other day and I’m now up to between 4 and 5 miles per jog. When I started again several weeks ago I couldn’t even do 2 miles without feeling like I was going to plotz. Anyway, I’m not going to try to figure it out! I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing. I know I need to add muscle-building/resistance/weights to my obsession with cardio – I know it burns calories at 2X the rate of cardio, but for now I’m sticking to what I’m doing

    So it’s hard to tell but I think it’s ‘all of the above’ that is helping . I have lost like 10 lbs in 2 weeks. Actually, when I started with the Puer and Chia on a daily basis is when the weight really started to come off. Before that I thought that jogging was just doing nothing and I was getting frustrated. I also drink 4-6 6oz cups of the black puer per day.

    I’m going to keep on using this Puer/Chia combination for sure. It was just my own way of starting the day.

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