Pure Puer Tea at the Katmandu Fall Festival

This weekend Pure Puer Tea participated in the 5th Annual Katmandu Fall Festival, which was held in Sonoma, California. The money raised from the festival goes to the Children’s Medical Aid Foundation, whose mission: ” …is dedicated to improving the lives of children in Nepal by providing surgical correction of birth defects.” There was great food, art, photos, and products from Nepal, Tibet and India and some natural health vendors at the festival. This event is of particular relevance to Pure Pure Tea because in this area of the world puer tea is part of their daily nutrition. The Tibetan monks introduced Puer Tea to Tibet hundreds of years ago. If you would like to make a donation to the foundation, visit: Children’s Medical Aid Foundation To see a slideshow of the event visit: Pure Puer Tea at the Katmandu Fall Festival slideshow

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  1. Jason Witt says:

    Look at that table spread with Puerh cakes and pouches! I really wish there was such a store here in St Paul to visit. And to find at a festival showing its wonderful wares. I guess that’s one good thing about California. They have some good representation of Puerh tea there. –Spirituality of Tea

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