SonomaPuer Holiday Sale


SonomaPuer Holiday Greetings!

Welcome to the “I don’t care I want it all” sale.  Give the only puer tea expertly aged in the vineyards of the Russian River Valley.   Our once-a -year-only 10% holiday sale ends at midnight Dec 24.

Here are some holiday ideas for the people looking for some of our high-end offerings:


2006 Jin Yu Xuan Black Puer tea cake


2014 Xui-Ji Black Puer tea cake
2014_Xiu_Ji_Black_Puer_Tea_Cake_med 2


2008 First Grade Black Puer loose tea



2008 Yi Wu Mountain green puer




2006 Xishuangbanna Green loose puer



Gift Certificate.  Select a gift for whatever suits your budget.
ribbon 2


Show some love to Chef Michelle Anna Jordan by buying one of her cookbooks this holiday season.  She is someone who has done a lot to promote awareness of puer tea.  Not only does she have an amazing, creative palate, her recipes are subtle and not overly sweet.



–Larry and Yang Su


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