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Happy Father’s Day!

We came back recently from an amazing trip to remote and beautiful
Yunnan, China. We visited 1000-year-old wild puer tea trees and
ancient tea gardens.  You can see a slideshow here, and slides and
video on our Facebook page.  The first slideshow may take about 60
seconds to load, as there are many pictures.

Ancient Tea Tree Slideshow –

Pure Puer Tea Facebook –

New!  Delicious traditional (baked) Hewei black tea , harvested from solely from a one-thousand-year-old wild tea tree,
elevation 7200 feet. Very limited availability.-

Check out our new yixing clay containers –
Yixing clay containers  and Jinde ceramic containers and cups –
Jinde ceramic.

Recently we found a pleasant surprise in our tea storage room.  We
have a limited supply of our popular 2010 Xishuangbanna Black Puer
Tea Cake.  It is nine years old at an affordable price.

Some big news.  We have a new flexible, automatic shipping program
for those who want to receive regular orders, but don’t want the
hassle of ordering.  You can choose the time period and the item or
items to be shipped.  You can have it automatically billed to the
card of your choice.  You can cancel at any time.  Just email us, and
we can set it up.

For last minute shoppers, we have gift certificates available for
Father’s Day.  Makes for an instant, healthy gift for Dad.

Father’s Day Gift Certificate –


–Larry and Yang Su

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