Camillia Sinensis and Camille Selhorst

“I wake up every morning and pour myself a cup of tea before beginning my day in the studio. Drinking tea is a ritual just as integral to my artistic practice as mixing paint. I love the way it soothes and warms me, settling me into my body as I begin my day. Puer is my favorite morning tea because it energizes me while also nurturing my mind and body. I found puer as a healing tea for my stomach many years ago. Now, I simply enjoy it for its wonderful taste and color. Its rich brown tones that feels so connected to earth and nature amplify my painting process which is very much about connecting to the beauty of the natural world. Through color and texture I explore flowers and the feminine form, showcasing the gentle power that permeates all of nature. My art is about finding the beauty of each moment as it unfolds before me, and taking the time in my day to enjoy tea is wonderful way to practice this savoring of life.”

Camille Selhorst

Camille enjoying Pure Puer Tea.

2015 Fu Gui Black Puer Tea Cake

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As Camille says, take a moment to savor life and the beauty of nature.  When you talk to Camille, you can sense her inner beauty, peacefulness, and confidence.  We thank her for brightening our day with her art and for her thoughts on puer tea and the creative process.

–Larry and Yang Su

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