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Eastern Beauty Oolong<br /><font color="#cc6600">Sold Out</font>
Factory: Mrs. Yen
Harvest Year: 2016
Type: Green
Harvest Area: Xin-Zu, Taiwan

This tea has a wonderful peachy, fruity bouquet and a clean, sweet taste. Insects called leafhoppers chew the Eastern Beauty oolong tea leaves and help to oxidize the leaf. This results in a sweet, smooth tea.

Amount to use: 1 tablespoon of tea to 3/4 of a cup of water (5g tea to 178ml water, or 0.18oz tea to 6oz water.) This tea can be brewed 4-6 times.

How to brew: Place 1 tablespoon (5g) tea in the teapot. Add *208 degree F (98 C) water to the teapot to awaken the tea. Immediately pour out and discard the water. Finally, add water and brew 45-60 seconds.

*This temperature may be approximated by:
1) Heating water until medium bubbles form or
2) Removing a pot of boiling water from its heat source and letting it sit for 1 minute.

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