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Our Puer Tea Company

  • Quality - The Wenlong company produces tea for the famous China Tea Company, also known as Zhong Cha, the second largest tea company in China. The Wenlong company also sells tea under the family's lesser known personal Wenlong brand. Our sourcing and relationships allow you to buy a very high quality tea at a great value.

    Our Wenlong brand tea is hand picked from pesticide-free mountain puer tea trees which generally range in age from 60 to 200 years old. Some special wild trees are as old as 1000 years. They come from the remote Feng Qing/Lincang areas in Yunnan, China (Elevation 5900 feet, 1800 meters.) Their deep, extensive roots bring vital minerals and nutrients to the tree and produce a tea of superior quality and taste. Many other tea companies, including many other puer tea companies, grow their tea in cultivated farms in low-lying areas using fertilizers and pesticides.

    Our tea is processed in both our Feng Qing and Kunming factories (see our slideshow section.) It is naturally aged in healthy conditions. The tea is further aged in the United States, in the renowned Russian River vineyards area of Sonoma County, California, and in the fresh air and year-round moderate temperature and humidity of Marin County, California. It is an ideal place to naturally age puer tea. We do not use the artificial technique of wet-storage to hasten the aging process.


    The owners personally taste and select every tea and every shipment to ensure that it meets their high standards of quality.

    Pure Puer Tea is recommended and used by acupuncturists and medical doctors for treating their patients for weight loss, raising good cholesterol and lowering bad cholesterol, lowering blood sugar, fighting cancer, improving digestion and other benefits.
    We work with Acupuncturist Viola Huang-Beck who uses Pure Puer Tea in her private practice and clinic to fight the Coronavirus, improve cholesterol, digestion, and many other reasons. Here is our blog post about Viola talking about puer tea for lung health: Rice Vinegar Puer for Lung Health.

    We have worked with Marin General Hospital Center for Integrative Health and Wellness in Greenbrae, CA, with their cancer program. Please see our health benefits section.

    Pure Puer Tea has given tea presentations at highly regarded institutions such as the University of San Francisco and Marin General Hospital. Recently Larry gave a presentation called "Living with Living Tea", the name of his new ebook about the health benefits of puer tea, at the 2019 San Francisco International Tea Festival at the Palace of Fine Arts. The owners have also been interviewed on KRCB radio in Sonoma County, CA. You can listen to the interview here: Pure Puer Tea KRCB radio interview with acclaimed chef, food writer, radio host, author, and puer tea connoisseur Michele Anna Jordan

    Listen to a podcast where we were interviewed by herbalist and fitness trainer Emily Schromm here: Emily Schromm podcast interview

    Here is a feature article Michelle wrote about us in The Press Democrat newspaper:
    Pure Puer The Press Democrat

    Yang Su and Larry Press Democrat

    You can read two articles Michelle wrote about us on her website here: Michelle Anna Jordan Pure Puer articles

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  • Integrity - We are truthful and operate our business with the highest ethical standards. We always strive to ship on time and be reliable in all that we do and say.

  • Customer satisfaction - Your total satisfaction is our goal. Visit the Open Forum section of our blog to read what our customers have to say about us.

  • Free shipping, Fast shipping, Far shipping - Orders of 65 dollars USD or more before taxes and shipping qualify for free shipping in the United States. We ship worldwide. On all orders, we will ship on the same day if possible via the US Postal Service. If you need it in a hurry, we suggest that you place your order earlier in the day. No handling charges. Our shipping cost is calculated directly from the US Postal Service server. To learn more about international shipping please click here: International Shipping Details.

  • Payment methods - We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. When you open an account you can create a profile where you can securely add, edit and delete mutiple payment methods and shipping addresses. We accept orders online and offline.

  • Return policy - Tea is a food and therefore we do not accept returned tea. We suggest that if you have any doubt prior to ordering, that you order a smaller sample first. We accept returns on unused and defective non-food items provided that you send us a copy of the invoice postmarked within 35 days of the date of your order. You are responsible for return shipping costs.

  • Packaging - Whenever possible we use recyclable packaging. For example, the packaging peanuts we use are biodegradable.

  • Logo - The Pure Puer Tea logo is a registered trademark of Pure Puer Tea LLC.

  • Why choose Pure Puer Tea?

Piao I USA

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Pure Puer Tea is also known as Piao I USA, the master US distributor of the internationally famous, award-winning Piao I teapot company of Taiwan. Buy real Piao I teapots, not fakes. There are many counterfeit Piao I teapots being sold on the internet, including some of the biggest name websites and in stores. Please see our teaware section buy clicking on the photo above, or by typing "" in your browser to visit our Piao I USA page. Pictured above, Larry and Yang Su (on right) with Tea Shen (in green), son of the inventor of the Piao I teapot, and Cecelia Chang of Piao I.

The Owners

Larry and Yang Su Chin and their two sons lived for many years in Marin County, California, but recently moved to Sonoma County, California. Larry enjoys kayaking in the San Francisco Bay, roller blading, climbing and working out. He drinks puer tea to relax, for its smooth, mellow taste, and to stay healthy.

Yang Su enjoys gardening, fashion design, and food. After drinking about 40-60 ounces of Pure Puer Tea a day, she lowered her cholesterol from 227 to 183. Her family has a history of high cholesterol. Although she was not overweight, Yang Su lost the small amount of weight she had been trying to lose for the last ten years. She also found that after drinking black puer tea she was able to sleep well at night; something which she had not been able to do since the birth of her two sons. Both she and her husband found that their digestion and bowel regularity improved after drinking the tea.

It is Yang Su's personal experience with Pure Puer Tea that made her interested in starting the Pure Puer Tea Company with her husband. For 5 years she had tried to lower her cholesterol without taking prescription medicine. Even after carefully watching her diet and exercising, she was unable to lower her cholesterol below 200. She believes Pure Puer Tea helped her to get the results she had been trying to achieve in an enjoyable, natural and healthy way. She and her husband hope to help others have a healthy, enjoyable experience and also learn about the Chinese tea culture.

In January 2011 Yang Su and Larry had their cholesterol levels retested. They were able to compare them to blood tests taken before they had ever tried puer tea. The results showed that for both of them the ratio of bad cholesterol (LDL) to good cholesterol (HDL) was significantly lowered. Their only significant dietary change during this time was drinking Pure Puer Tea.

Larry and Yang Su are not doctors or medical experts and make no medical claims with regard to Pure Puer Tea. This information is based on their personal experience and research. If you would like to find out more information about the health benefits of puer tea, see our health benefits section on the green title bar. We provide you with information so you can do your own research and form your own opinions.

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