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2009 Jin Mai Green Puer Tea Mini Tuocha 8g
Factory: Tong Qing Hao
Harvest Year: 2009
Type: Raw/Sheng
Harvest Area: Jin Mai Mountain, Xishuangbanna

This tuocha is unusual because it is hand picked and hand pressed from whole leaves from ancient tea trees. It comes from a company that has been around for 280 years and which provided tea for the Emperor and his court. The tea comes from one of the most famous areas for puer tea. Tuocha offers a convenient size for tea making. It has a slightly bitter taste with a sweet finish. The color is light golden yellow. Each square weighs 8 grams (0.28 oz) and can make 10-12 cups of tea. Each box contains 14 pieces.

To see a slideshow of where this tea comes from, visit Yang Su's 2011 Trip to Xishuangbanna, China.

How to brew a cup: Remove paper. Place one tuocha in the teapot. Soak the tea in *195 degree F (90 C) water for 30 seconds to loosen, awaken and clean the tea. Discard water. Add 1 cup (8oz) 195 degree F (90 C) water and brew 3 to 10 seconds. Serve. Tea may be brewed 10-12 times.

*This temperature may be approximated by:
1) Heating water until big bubbles form or
2) Removing a pot of boiling water from its heat source and letting it sit for 3 minutes.

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