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2012 Bu Lang Black Puer Tea Mini Tucoha 8g

Factory: Fu Yuan
Harvest Year: 2012
Type: Ripe/Shu
Harvest Area: Bu Lang Mountain

Smooth, earthy, balanced, with a slightly sweet, pleasing aroma and a lasting finish.  The color is a rich, red, golden amber.

How to brew a cup: Remove paper. Place one tuocha in the teapot. Soak the tea in *205 degree F (96 C) water for 30 seconds to loosen, awaken and clean the tea. Discard water. Add 1 cup (8oz) 205 degree F (96 C) water and brew 3 to 10 seconds. Serve. Tea may be brewed 10-12 times.

How to brew a full teapot: Place 1 or 2 tuocha in the pot. Very briefly rinse with 205 degree water, then discard water. Add 205 degree water, brew 1-2 minutes and serve.

*This temperature may be approximated by:
1) Heating water until big bubbles form or
2) Removing a pot of boiling water from its heat source and letting it sit for 2 minutes.
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