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  1. Amie Nelson says:

    In Chinese Medicine we understand coffee to be more Yang. It’s internally warming and it disperses and scatters energy (or Qi) in the body. Coffee consumption causes the kidney’s adrenal glands to release adrenalin, producing a temporary increased energy high, but eventually a down-cycle of fatigue later in the day. Over time, excess coffee can over-work and deplete your adrenal energy, or Kidney Jing as we acupuncturists call it. I like to describe this as borrowing money from a bank account (your adrenals) daily without making any new deposits. Pretty soon, you’re experiencing major debt (adrenal burnout).

    Coffee is also a diuretic, and diaphoretic, causing the body to lose excess fluids or Yin, and can create symptoms like night sweats, hot flashes and urinary dysfunction.
    The energy of tea, on the other hand is more Yin. It is cooling and astringent by nature. Tea can help consolidate energy in the body rather than scattering it. When you drink caffeinated tea you will typically experience increased energy, but a smoother, more even-keeled flow without the highs and lows. I find that drinking tea during the day gives me the level of alertness I’m seeking without the racy feeling or late afternoon crash of coffee.

    The Chinese believe that Puer tea has greater health benefits than other teas. Puer tea goes through a special fermentation process that makes it very beneficial to the digestive system, or Spleen as we describe it in Chinese Medicine. Many people in our culture have very weak digestion and excess weight and it has everything to do with food and drink that create “internal dampness” in the body. In Chinese medicine, “dampness” refers to the build up of negative, sluggish energy in the body that results from consuming excessive processed foods, sugars, dairy, alcohol and other substances that slow down digestion and nutrient assimilation. Puer tea has the ability to reduce this internal dampness by invigorating the Spleen and the Stomach to work in harmony, aiding proper digestion and elimination. It is often used medicinally to lower cholesterol, remove toxins from the body, cure dysentery, induce weight loss, improve eyesight and promote blood circulation.

    I have found Pure Puer Tea to be of the highest quality and smoothest taste, and this is why I carry it in my clinics, Bay Acupuncture Center and Tamalpais Community Acupuncture in Mill Valley, CA. My patients I have introduced to Pure Puer Tea all agree they have never felt better and don’t even miss their coffee!

    Amie Brooke Nelson, L. Ac, MSOM

    Bay Acupuncture Center logo


  2. Luz Cruz says:

    I just ordered a 1999 loose puer tea from your website. Hopefully you guys got it. I stopped drinking the tea and my blood pressure went up. I spoke with you at the Mill Valley Farmer’s market last Dec. 2011.
    Thank you.


  3. Ellen Lee says:

    I received my tea pots yesterday–that was SO fast!
    Thank you for such great service,

  4. Ashley Gore says:

    My posts on regarding:

    Oval Bone White Tea Set

    Last year, my hubby gave me the bamboo tea tray from this company for Christmas. This year, I received two of their tea sets to use with it.

    I must say this set is more beautiful in person than in the pictures, and I loved it in the pictures! The finish is so smooth, the color a bone white, and the lines and contours are captivating. Furthermore, it is perfect for making my oolong and white teas. Since it is ceramic I can use it with more than one kind of tea, while my Yixing set will be reserved for oolong. I absolutely love it, and can not say enough about their great customer service and how much time they took helping my hubby choose pieces of teaware and puer tea, acting as if it was their greatest privilege and joy to do so. They are truly tea lovers.

    Osmanthus Black Puer Tea:

    Hooray! Sampling lots of Christmas tea today. When I opened the pouch the first thing I noticed was that the dry leaves smell sweet and mildly fruity. It is earthy but not fishy at all. I have never smelled a quite like this before, but I have also never had anything with osmanthus.

    The steeped tea is also mild and earthy and there is a nice mineral taste. This is very good, it is reminding a lot more of the puer from Teavivre and not at all of the puer from Southern Season. My oldest daughter, who just started drinking green tea for its benefits even though she doesn’t care for tea, likes this pretty well and is on her second cup. O.O. She hates black tea.

    I have made s second steep. I will post how well it held up when we finish this pot. Delicious! Many thanks to my wonderful hubby who ordered this for me!

    Classic Bamboo Tea Tray, large (from 11 months ago):

    I am registering this a la Ricky’s instructions! (Blush – Jason guessed who the culprit was!) My hubby ordered the Bamboo Tea Tray from as a Christmas gift for me. When he called the number listed on their website he was impressed with how very helpful they were, and when he chose the tea tray he wanted, it got here LIGHTNING fast! We were very happy with the service. I haven’t tried their teas yet, but after the good experience ordering this item from them, we may have to give them a try!

    Ashley and Ruth G.

  5. Chris Bourke says:

    Hi Larry,

    Just want to send you a HUGE Thank You!!!!!

    Your wonderful teas have made my life so much better.
    The feeling of joy from all the teas, especially the greens, is very difficult to explain….it is wonderful.

    The total pleasure of using the Piao I teapots is again out of this world just so easy and so pleasant!!!!

    The tea buddy is amazing also just so good actually too good for words one must experience the joy of taking ones favourite teas anywhere and enjoying them the way they should….just unreal….and using the travel buddy for long steep herbal infusions is terrific, it just works a treat, I couldn’t enjoy tea before now I can love it all day every day without worry or expense of buying a cup in a shop!!!!!

    I make Kombucha and have seen scoby growth 10 (green) to 20 (black/green mixed) times that of normal teas (that tells me there are heaps of goodies in them teas sir!!!!) and the end product is much lighter, more grounding, satisfying and extremely refreshing….. I’m sure there are many more therapeutic benefits also but will wait till next year to tell you about that (after I have proved it).

    Your excellence in post and pack is a credit to you as too are your excellent communication skills!!!!!

    I’m in Sydney Australia and my teas have been arriving within 4-5 days AMAZING!!!! (I cant get some local companies to pack and post that quick)…

    Many Many Thanks again and I look forward to doing much more tea drinking in the future years.

    Cheers Larry!!!!
    You are my only tea supplier from now on keep up the great work!!!!!!

    Chris Bourke.
    Sydney, Australia.

  6. Janis Spivey says:

    Always receive my shipment within a couple of days of ordering! I appreciate it!

    And I have loved this tea since my son, who lives in Shanghai, introduced it to me about 7 years ago. So glad to find your company so that I can order it myself.

    Janis Spivey

  7. Young Park says:

    Hi! Larry and Yang Su!
    I received the parcel, today.
    Thanks a lot for the fast shipment and I love the yixing containers.
    I’ll call you when I order next time.

    Warm regards,


  8. Joe Towe says:

    I received my pot today (Shaokang Yunnan clay container A) and it is a true work of art. It is amazing the polish on it without the use of glaze. You ask before why I buy so many tea canisters. this pot is one of the reasons why. Not only is it functional as I have many different teas here but each hand crafted piece is a representation of generations of skilled craftsman handing down their skills to the following generations. Such love and devotion to a craft should be honored, collected and cared for in the same fashion that was put into the making of such a beautiful and elegant piece. I will be sending another order next week for another piece if you still have it. Happy Chinese new year and may the Dragon this year bring you much success.

  9. Ruschelle O says:

    My husband was diagnosed with hemochromotosis and I’ve read that drinking tea/coffee helps rid of bad iron. He doesn’t drink either. But, I managed to convince him to give tea a try and I read from my Super Natural Mom book that Pure Puer Tea is the most natural tea you can get. Luckily, they are in the Bay Area and called to get a few samples of green tea. He absolutely loves the “Rice Pollen” tea and have helped decrease his iron count. He swears by this tea and says he feels his chest opens up when drinking it. He even got my sister to drink this tea and she too feels her chest opens up when drinking it. Needless to say, we always have this in stock at home and now he is a tea drinker.

  10. MEY says:

    Sir Lawrence,

    I must say, being born in the U.S. I have home grown “taste buds”. They are not as refined as someone whose been drinking fine teas all their life, but, I try. I was happy to read in one article on “Chowhound” that the Tibetans made a strong puer tea called “milk tea” which had milk and sugar (probably raw) in it. The writer had said he if he tried the tea again would probably try it that way.

    I tried being a purist and drinking my tea without milk OR sugar, but found myself rather distant from discerning the interesting notes many ascribe as being available to palate. However, when I added the milk and raw sugar “I fell in love”, I was much better able to tell the difference, and subtleties in the character of your Black Puers, and to me it let loose marvels. I would encourage anyone who finds it difficult to sense the extraordinary unique characters of the black puers to try this experiment,

    Fielding the tea through the milk &/or milk&sugar as a medium instead of without is like the difference between sunlight and moonlight. One is without mediation and hits you straight from the source (bright unto blinding brightness, while moonlight is sunlight reflected off of another celestial body ( or medium) expressing the character of the light off of that medium (the moon). Similarly, The character of the tea can be discerned in how it reflects off of, handles, or co-interacts through the medium of the milk; Is it polite, aggressive, full of laughter, silent emotion, or does it exhibit the hand of kind compassionate stewardship?

    Sometimes the milk can slow the molecules of the tea down just enough (adding a little more dimension or body) so that my, sluggish, or slowly evolving taste buds can catch or interpret the character of the tea and what the tea is “presenting”;

    Which “all in all” could just translate into “This is damn good”.

    My premier revelatory experience (milk & raw sugar) still resides in your Emperor’s Black Tea. Though I’ve had some other very good ones competing, such as your 2009 Menghai toucha (milk & sugar), a full depth tea with a very deep clarity and mood. When I remember which one (black ) it was that opened up the back of my cranium (awareness wise) (actually cerebellum) I will let you know. But, as to The Emperor Black Tea, that is the one that sticks with me the most, it is smooth smooth smooth. Perhaps we could send an army there and capture it for (umm?) “national security”, yeah, that’s the ticket, “umm good”.

    It seems good to alternate between being a purist, and sometimes just having some good old fashioned “FUN”.


  11. Hi Larry,

    This is Pavel, we met in Sausalito at the Farmers Market, I bought
    black and green tea from you, as well as the tea pot. I just received
    my yixing clay container to store my tea in. Thank you for the fast
    shipment! Can’t wait to try more tea, maybe I’ll email you for some
    recommendations. I really like the black tea I bought – superior black
    tea. It tastes really distinct and smooth.

    Thank you, and please say hi to your wife for me, she was really
    helpful. Looking forward to buying more tea for years to come…

    Pavel Ushakov

  12. MEY says:

    Lawrence this is similar to what I sent a friend:

    I really liked his Ai-lau Mountain Green, I will definitely buy more, I told him “don’t sell it all out too fast”. The leaves are so light you could underestimate it. I wanted to just drift away, Good for glands and brain, no stimulants, real color in its character, accessible (as if it greets you, you don’t have to seek it out to “discover” it, and it is dimensional. With a poignant fragrance that clings to your nostrils long after the last of the tea is gone. (or cup is quaffed (correct?) hah (literary). I told Lawrence ” I am not worthy”.

  13. Meg says:

    I love your videos and all the information on this beautiful site. Thanks Larry for spending some time with me at the Sausalito Farmer’s Mk. today. I have been enjoying this website while drinking my first home brewed Black Puer tea.


    P.S. I just sent a link to your site to three of my friends who may not know about Puer tea, one of whom is a docent at the Asian Art Museum.

  14. Miriam French says:

    Hello Larry and Yang Su..

    I am excited about receiving my puer early next week and thank you in advance for what I know will be a great product. My husband has actually had the pleasure of meeting you at the farmer’s market when he lived in Pacifica and I was hoping to get a chance to do the same while also learning more about my favorite tea. Thanks in advance for all you do to provide such a quality product and for being the kind of people I love to do business with..

    Miriam French

    Las Vegas

  15. Jonathan Nettleton says:

    I dont normally post comments but I am impressed with your service and the green tea is superb. So much so that I thought I had ordered enough for 6 months but have just re-ordered after 2!
    Shipping to France was very quick.
    Jonathan Nettleton LaTourre Massoules France

  16. Lindsay Corliss says:

    Dear Larry and Yang Su.,

    I received my wonderful puer from you today. I was so delighted to also receive the gift you sent along, a puer pick. Thank you very much. I have been wanting one of those. I just used it and it’s great!

    You run a wonderful business and I am glad to be in contact with you. Thank you for offering such amazing puer. I drink your puer every day.

    I found you through my uncle, Michael Anderson, who loves your tea as well and enjoys you as people very much.

    Best to you – Lindsay Corliss


  17. Hiram Ely says:

    The Piao Teapot arrived Friday…your service is faster than LL Bean…and they are very fast…on my next tea order…my wife drinks green tea and lean towards oolong…what do you recommend?


    New Hampshire

  18. Travis Morten says:

    I have been enjoying roasted oolong in the Ju Kiln teapot for the past couple months. The Organic Eastern Beauty I purchased from you was delicious! The flavor is very smooth and subtle and tastes like fresh peaches! Thank you for offering such a wonderful tea!

    Best Regards,
    Travis Morten

  19. Dhulkti Springhawk says:

    Siyo (hello) Dear Larry and Yang Su. My order arrived today and I want to thank you. I am so happy with all you sent. My Yixing tea container and poem cup are happily soaking in a 3 day tea bath right now. The loose black tea is fabulous—haven’t tried the “date” tea yet. I have a large tea cabinet—stocked with Asian, East Indian, and herbal tisanes. I have been busily drinking up all my stock, this past winter, because my favorite tea is now your puer! I am acquiring a nice little selection from you because I feel that now no other tea does it for me like puer. You have spoiled me! 🙂 Thank you again.
    Hope you and your family are well.

    Many blessings of health and joy,

    dhulkti springhawk

  20. Ann Hefferman says:

    Dear Larry Chin and PurePuer Tea,

    Thank you for sending my tea order so promptly and with a nice note! Best customer service ever!

    My dear friend, Lisa in Corte Madera gave me my first taste of your teas over a year ago. Yi Wu has been

    my favorite ever since.

    Thank you for sharing a good thing and doing it so well.


    Ann Hefferman

    Santa Barbara

  21. Graham Cave says:


    I just wanted to say that the pi xiu tea pet arrived safely today. Fantastic quality! I couldn’t be more pleased with it.

    Graham (Scotland)

    Tigers Den

  22. Jesse Berry says:

    Larry and Su,

    I received my tea order a couple of days ago. It actually came very quickly and I thank you for that. You also gave me a puer pick which I thank you for. I haven’t had any of this tea yet but have had tea from you before and it is always very delicious. I am always very excited to get tea from you. Thanks again for the great tea and speedy order.


  23. Travis Morten says:


    I would just like to let you know that I am very pleased with my teaware order from you. The items all arrived safely and were very well packed. I have been enjoying using the glass teapot for brewing green tea and the other small teapot for black tea. I was looking at purchasing another teapot for brewing oolong tea gong fu. I am interested in the Song Dynasty Ju Kiln ceramic tea set. Is the interior of this teapot glazed at all, or is it bare clay like a yixing teapot? I ask this because I would like to have the option of brewing several different types of oolong in one teapot without any flavors seeping into the teapot. Also, is the teapot made of fairly thick ceramic that would retain heat well? I am assuming that this teaset is priced a bit higher since it is handmade by a particular artist in a kiln? Is there anything else that would be of importance that you could tell me about this teapot that I might have missed? Thank you for your time.

    Travis Morten

  24. Tim Thill says:

    Larry and Yang Su,

    Received the order today..that was fast! I really appreciate the excellent service!


  25. Kristie Brady says:

    Dear Larry and Yang,

    The bamboo gaiwan came in the mail just a minute after I ordered it. Wow, you do fast work! My husband was so impressed with it (and he’s picky!) I’ll give it to him and take the lotus gaiwan for myself. I took your advice and ordered some tea, pureh is one of my favorites.

    May you have much happiness and prosperity in the new year,

    Kristie Brady

  26. Sally Mercer says:

    Hi Larry,

    I wanted to tell you my tea jar arrived safe and sound. It is really quite lovely–even nicer than the picture. I’m soaking it now. Let me know when Yang Su returns and you have new things on your web site. Thank you.

    Sally Mercer ( I bought the lion Yixing container)

  27. Gail Smith says:

    Dear Larry and Yang Su,

    This is just a quick note to let you know that we love your tea. I bought some at the Farmer’s Market in Mill Valley a day or so before Christmas, and l live in Seattle. My partner has often had trouble drinking black and green teas, though she loves them. They have made her too jittery, and been hard on her stomach. She had been drinking the black puer tea without problem, in fact feeling very good. We just bought some more, to share with friends, and a PC Piao I teapot. Thought you might enjoy the positive feedback.

    We enjoyed the slide shows on your website, too.

    Thank you! May your business prosper.

    Gail Smith

  28. Lo Mei says:

    Thank you. I love your tea. I find myself hoarding it for myself, not letting my kids and husband touch it, and adding more and more water to dilute it so I can make my last leaves last. Time to get some new stuff. Love your tea.

    Lo Mei

  29. Jeff Chop says:

    Larry and Yang Su,

    I bought some black Puer tea from you awhile back. It was excellent . Most of the Puer tea I have had tasted like dirt. I wondered why anyone would want to drink Puer tea. Then I read of the health benifits and decided to try some aged Puer, big difference. It is amazing that the tea can be brewed a number of times and still taste great. The first few brews out of the tea I just pour the water through the tea and it is plenty strong. A friend of mine bought some aged Puer from another company and it wasn’t as good as yours. I’m not even a tea drinker per say but I enjoy yours. I just placed another order.

    Sincerely, Jeff Chop

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your families!

  30. Ben Prentice says:

    Larry and Yang Su,

    I just wanted to tell you how much I’m enjoying this tea tray! I’ve been an avid tea drinker for over 4 years now and I’ve always wanted one. This one for sure is among the nicest I have seen. I know for a fact that this tea tray will give me lots of joy for years to come. (This tray was actually a birthday gift from my mom =D) I would also like to try your tea soon!
    Thanks a lot!

    -Ben Prentice

  31. Terry Asker says:

    Larry thanks for the updates emailed earlier this summer… my wife and I have been slowly expanding our knowledge of quality Pu-er and Oolong teas and I wanted to let you know that we love your tea’s. They are fantastic and among the best of a large diversity that we have been sampling this summer! We will be putting another order together very soon..

    Please keep me updated with any relevant news from Pure Puer.

    All the best to you!


  32. Dave Britton says:


    I was amazed to receive the glass teapot on Tuesday. I know you ship VERY fast but with the long weekend I didn’t expect it to get here so quickly. I was also very surprised at the quality, especially considering the low price (compared to Japanese tea ware). It is very light and thin, making it quite suitable for high quality Chinese and Taiwanese green teas. Although I may prefer the taste of these teas brewed in porcelain, the results when using the glass teapot were still very good, and I must admit it is very pleasing to watch the “dancing” leaves in the glass pot.

    I had always wondered why the glass teapots had metal spring strainers instead of glass. When I purchased this I thought it would have the spring strainer in the spout. I was very pleased to see it had a glass strainer.

    FYI I always hesitated to drink Chinese tea due to safety concerns. I grew to trust Jing Tea Shop as I purchased quite a few Yixings from them. I decided to try their green teas and have been very happy with them, in spite of the fact they’re as or more expensive than most high quality Japanese teas. These Chinese green (and yellow) teas are quite unique and in my opinion are well worth the money. I have brewed three of them in the glass teapot with very good results; Meng Ding Huang Ya, An Ji Bai Cha AAA, and Weng Jia Shan Long Jing AAA. I cant’s wait for the people at Jing to return from their trip so I can purchase some Tai Ping Hou Kui; this one with the large green leaves must look awesome brewed in glass. Probably tastes awesome too!

    The glass teapot is another carefully chosen, great product being offered by Pure Puer at a very reasonable price.

    Dave Britton

  33. I was introduced to fine tea about fifteen years ago by a musician friend, first through single estate Indian/British style tea, then the spectacular Taiwanese oolongs, Japanese greens, and through my studies of tai chi, qigong and Tibetan traditions, finally puer. Puer has become my most beloved tea, what I reach for in the morning and through much of the day. Of all the sources I’ve tasted, my favorite puer’s (by far) come from Larry and his wife at Pure Puer. I have come to trust their recommendations and their passionate sourcing of intensely flavored, clean tea. Both of those aspects are very important to me. I’m a true fan– I carry it as I travel, brewing in hotel rooms with bottled water, and I give their puer to friends as gifts. Recently, while sharing some puer with an adult music student, he asked if I was eager to find rare puer’s on my travels (I’ll be in China later this year). I said that I keep my eyes open, but there’s no need, I won’t find tea as great as what Yang Su and Larry find. No doubt I will be carrying their puer into China, as odd as that sounds. Thank you, Yang Su and Larry, please keep finding great teas, please keep insisting on high standards, and thank you for the great tastes.

    Andrew Sterman

  34. Terry Asker says:

    Hi Larry,

    Just a quick note to thank you for the fast shipment on my recent order of your wonderful teas. My wife and I are just beginning to explore the many varieties of Pu-er’s and we look forward to tasting all the samples I have ordered. Everything we have tasted so far has been fantastic and I will follow-up with another email to let you know which tea’s are our favorites. We are both interested in Pu-er health benefits and especially active and invigorating Qi properties of the tea’s so if you have a personal recommendation of which tea’s best fit these qualities please let me know.

    Again thank you for the quick shipment, your personal note and the delicious Pu-er tea’s!

    Best regards,

    Terry Asker

  35. Ed Claborn says:

    Hi Larry. Thank you for sending the tea Priority Mail. It came in the right time. And I know how much it cost, so, THANK YOU! That was nice! I see you guys run your company like I do! You have a product that is good for the body, it sells itself, and generates positive feelings about the product and the business. Many blessings to you, your wife and your company! Have a wonderful day!

  36. Kim Barkus says:

    Larry and Yang Su,

    Thank you for the fast and courteous service you’ve provided in regards to my order. I had been seeking a provider of some of the Gong Fu items you offer, as well as your tea selection. The green tea cake is the first actual cake I’ve seen. Most of my prior puer purchases were loose. I enjoyed the smell and will soon be enjoying the taste this evening. And the accessories are fantastic quality.

    I am not sure if you’re familiar with, but they offer a free ad day each Wednesday where you can advertise your website, and you can network with others in your business. I would like to see your input on tea from China. There was a topic a few months back concerning pesticides in Chinese tea and I believe that you can provide insight into that subject, maybe dispel some of the growing concern amongst the tea drinkers.

    I am also noticing that more tea drinkers are becoming interested in Gong Fu. Many are interested, however, do not know where to start as there is so little information out there, and it’s difficult to find ceremonial supplies as the few shops on the net with these items available sell out of these items fairly quickly. I find myself buying a few items from several shops if they aren’t already out of them, and have resorted to ordering some items from a seller on e-bay that’s based in China, like a glass kettle for the induction cookers that are slowly making their way onto the net.

    Thanks again for the wonderful service.

    Kim Barkus

  37. John Suslov says:

    Hi Larry and Yang Su,

    Just wanted to let you know that I’ve really been enjoying your products (the little yellow “master teapot” has been a lot of fun)–and to compliment you on your great skill in selecting products that are both elegant and affordable!

    John Suslov

  38. Cathy Martin says:


    I’ve been looking for a company like yours for a while. I appreciate your teas and the way you present them. Working as an acupuncturist, I look for ways for those who are far from their connection to the Earth to connect once again. Your teas and you are wonderful messengers.

    With gratitude,
    Cathy Martin

  39. Robert Furino says:

    Hi Larry & Yang Su,

    After ordering the Sampler Kit and trying the three types of tea, I preferred the Superior Black Puer.

    I also purchased a small water boiler so I’ll always have hot water to brew the tea. It has three temperature settings and defaults to 190 degrees Fahrenheit.

    I just received a bag of the 2006 Mini Black Puer Tea Tuocha 5g. I plan to also order the 2005 Superior Brick.

    Since tasting your teas, I’ve almost quit drinking coffee and enjoy about 10 cups of tea a day.

    Thanks for your professionalism and the speedy delivery. I’ve already recommended you to a few of my family and friends.

  40. Jesse says:

    I’m not new to tea but new to puer. I discovered a tiny puer shop in Chinatown NY about a year ago and have been hooked on puer since. Unfortunately, that shop is no longer there which led me to search the internet. I’m so glad I could find a site with such delicious teas and as equally insightful. Thanks for the great teas and great website.

  41. Anonymous says:

    I was quite surprised to receive the package from Pure Puer today. I didn't expect it to have shipped yet, especially with this being a holiday weekend, let alone to have received it already. It arrived well packaged and in perfect condition.

    The quality is very high for such a modest price. Your site indicates the ceramics are made in Taiwan, so I shouldn't be surprised as other Taiwanese items I have are also of the same high quality.

    I usually use Yixings to brew Chinese and Taiwanese teas, but sometimes I like to use porcelain for comparison, especially with greens, whites, and high mountain oolongs (I had much difficulty matching these three teas with Yixings). The Golden Dragon set will be fine for this. Although it isn't anywhere near as thin and light as my Jing De Zhen gaiwan, it pours much, much better. The tea actually ends up in the cups!

    Thanks for the great product and service.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Howzit Larry,

    Mahalo for the pdf. file it was good to know that teas help. Just to let you know that I've been drinking Pu-erh teas since last August and I lost 46lb. and my blood cholesterol had drop 25pts. (WOO-HOO!!) I feel much better now and my total weight lost from six years till now is 285lb.!! (That's one "BIG" Hawaiian!!)

    Zia Jian & Aloha,


  43. Terry says:

    Aloha from Tea,
    who is loving this fabulous new tea ritual after a holiday filled with yixing tea pots, cups, green tea cakes ( one from the thousand year old tree! ummm!) hot water pitchers, a number of accessories and awesome bamboo trays. Well then, I just kinda knew after the first shipment arrived this was high quality stuff, and need not look any further!

    Thanks for sharing your travels with us Larry and Yang Su! I look forward to seeing what goodies you bring home after your next journey to the East.

    Maybe something special to go in our ‘on the drawing board tea room’ hopefully to become part of our long awaited home in paradise.
    With a warm Aloha and many kind thanks,

  44. Anonymous says:

    I originally bought this tea for my husband to drink at work to help lower his cholesterol. I use the large tea pot and brew 10 cups all at once. He brings it to work in a thermos. I never thought I would become so attached to the tea myself. I am a Peet’s coffee addict and drink French Roast decaf every morning. However I started drinking the tea in the afternoon (as iced tea) and now drink several cups almost every day. It does not keep me awake at night but does give me a boost of energy. I love it! I have also enjoyed attending some of the wonderful tea tasting events hosted by Larry and Yang Su. It is a great way to learn more about tea, eat some delicious Chinese dim sum and meet other people interested in tea. It is so interesting to listen to Larry and Yang Su talk about their travels to China and their tea experiences. Carrie

  45. Anonymous says:

    Caron says:

    I was introduced to Pure Puer tea about a 16 months ago. Perhaps, not sure what I was getting into decided to try in hopes of improving my cholesterol number. I do not take cholesterol medicine, but try to lower with a homeopathic approach. I have to mention I am very sensitive to any caffeine. In the beginning when I started drinking the tea I developed a bad headache. I use very little of the Puer tea, almost diluted. After 3 months being on the tea I ran a cholesterol blood test. 8 months prior my number was 300, after drinking the tea, to my surprise it lowered to 257. My headaches are much better and I use very little tea and was still very successful at lowering my cholesterol and loosing a little weight as well. I use to be a little depressed thinking I could never lower my cholesterol, but I can’t wait to get my next cholesterol results. There is definite health benefits from drinking this wonderful aromatic tea. The tea is very high quality and quite delicious. I love my teapots and it makes drinking the tea a pleasurable experience. It helps me to get into my morning ritual. I only drink my tea early morning and early afternoon. I am energized for my busy day at the dental office. Thank you Larry and Yang Su for your generosity,care and for making a difference in my health. cm

  46. Anonymous says:

    I have always loved tea, but never tasted anything so refreshing and soothing as Pure Puer teas. My husband and I drink a cup in the morning and another in the afternoon. We’ve found the afternoon cup of tea is a great way to unwind and keeps us from raiding the pantry for less healthy snacks. Even without the added health benefits, it tastes AMAZING – the Jin Yu Xuan is our favorite black puer so far, and if you haven’t tried the Thousand Year Wild Tree Green Puer, you are in for something special! Even the aroma of the dry cake is heavenly. Don’t rush this tea, take your time to savor every sip, to the last drop. It’s truly an experience all its own. Many thanks to Larry and Yang Su! Their vast knowledge of puer tea along with great customer service, makes the best place to buy these remarkable teas.

    Eagle, Idaho

  47. Ramon says:

    I discovered puer about one month ago through the internet which provided numerous sites and articles. The first taste came from a local tea merchant but I also purchased some tuocha and loose puer from a merchant I found online. As I’ve come to discover, part of appreciating and enjoying puer is knowing as much as possible about its provenance.

    I decided to order from Pure Puer because the website is easy to navigate and inviting. Most important, I liked the text that clearly discloses information about the tea (factory, harvest year, type, and harvest area) together with images. I spoke to Larry by accident in the sense that I called to modify my order. He has been extremely affable and responded to all manner of questions about my new-found interest.

    Of the tea I ordered, I’d like to recommend the 2006 Gu-Hua “Rice Pollen” Green Cake. As I said to Larry, it is fantastic! Holy smoke! It is mildly nutty with bright honey tones. The 2007 Wenlong Green Cake has a very different character in that it opens with slightl bitterness. It fades as mild earthy flavors emerge in the finish.

    I’ve decided that green puer is my favorite. Because I don’t plan on long-term storage, what I acquire probably won’t change in flavor much before it’s all gone!

    Thanks again, Larry, for your help.

  48. bret_wiley says:

    As a first time customer with Pure Puer Tea, I was very impressed. Not only with the quality of the product, but also with the interest that Larry and Yang Su have in their customers. These day’s with Puer Tea being the new est in thing, there’s lots of bad Puer Tea out there. But that’s not the case here. Their tea’s very high quality. Expensive? Yes, but considering the leaves can be infused multiple times, then on a per cup basis, its really quite affordable. I purchased one of the Green Tea Cake’s, a Gaiwan and a Yixing container. All very nice. I don’t really drink Puer Tea because of the health benefits, I drink it because it tastes good. And if there are any health benefits, well that’s an added bonus. Earthy, slightly vegetal and sweet. I’m curious to see how the teas flavor will develop over time. ( if it lasts that long ) Looking forward to my next purchase. Thanks Larry and Yang Su for your generosity and care which you have for your customers. Bret

  49. Anonymous says:

    I bought a 2006 Superior Black Cake for my wife’s birthday in May; it was the “backup” gift. I figured it would be an unusual gift she might use.

    And now, amazingly enough, I’m actually drinking the stuff myself. This from a fellow who discovered espresso in the early 1970s and drinks four to five cups of strong coffee a day. (I now substitute Puer for my late-in-the-day coffee.)

    The “health benefits” with Puer were another reason to buy and although we’ve no way to tell if it’s the tea, my wife’s weight is down to a twenty year low (she looks great) and I’ve lost weight too.

    And note basic Puer tea is cheaper than a “Starbuck habit.” We’re only about 60 percent through our cake and have been drinking for about 6 months–all for 30 dollars.

    Plus Puer tea is much easier on the stomach than French Roast and once again, you can drink it later in the day–with no fear that it will effect your sleep.

    We’re placing another order soon and are going to try some of the green variety.


  50. Maureen says:

    When I began my puer tea adventure, I felt fortunate to find Pure Puer. The site is educational, easy to navigate and fun to browse. Then, upon receiving my first order, I was introduced to Larry and Yang Su via a small hand-written thank-you note. Their care and concern for both their customers and their product shines through. I have sampled several of the black puers and I am delighted with these clean, tasty teas. The chrysanthemum puer alone is a total experience of elegance and taste. I now feature a small puer tea section in my cupboard, nestled next to my earthy yixing teapot. Making tea has become a beautiful ritual of many flavors. One that I can savor for myself and offer to my friends. Thank you Larry and Yang Su!

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