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Yang Su’s 2011 Xishaungbanna trip

Click the picture to view Yang Su’s 2011 Trip to Xishuangbanna, in Yunnan, China.

4 Responses to Yang Su’s 2011 Xishaungbanna trip

  1. Larry,
    My wife, Betty and I were across the isle from your booth at the Heirloom Seed Exposition in Santa Rosa in early Sept. We are B & B MARKET BASKETS.
    I’m nearly out of the wonderful tea cake I bought from you. We are both really liking the Black Tea. Hope to order some soon.

  2. Mark says:

    I was fortunate enough to see you at the farmer’s market yesterday, 3/21/15.

    Today, I am enjoying a great cup of 2009 Superior Black Puer Tea.

    Thank you for putting the instructions on the bag. I’m loving the tea, and also think brewing it correctly makes this cup better than other puer teas I have drunk.



  3. Ron says:

    What a great site. I have sent your link to friends I love Puer Tea. I would love to visit Yunnan.

  4. Meg says:

    I love your videos and all the information on this beautiful site. Thanks Larry for spending some time with me at the Sausalito Farmer’s Mk. today. I have been enjoying this website while drinking my first home brewed Black Puer tea.

    P.S. I just sent a link to your site to three of my friends who may not know about Puer tea, one of whom is a docent at the Asian Art Museum.

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