New Study Black Tea Kills COVID-19 in Vitro (video)

Black tea kills the COVID-19 virus in vitro in this recent study. According to Dr. Qiao Gui Bing, Director of Thoracic Surgery and Oncology of the Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital, when the COVID-19 virus is placed in water, then exposed to tea water for 30 seconds, 90% of the virus is destroyed. Within 10 minutes of exposure to tea water, 99.9% of the virus dies. The doctor says that black tea was the most effective in combating the virus. He said that although the reason why the tea kills the virus is complex, tea contains many organic compounds. When in gatherings, tea can be used to wash your hands, and drinking tea may help protect you from the virus.

Here is an article referring to another study conducted by Nara Medical University in Japan.

Article about Nara Medical University Study

For additional information about how tea may protect you from the virus see “How Puer Tea May Protect You from the coronavirus”

How Puer Tea May Protect You from the Coronavirus

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