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How puer tea may fight the coronavirus

You know the beautiful redddish amber color that we often attribute to black puer?  It may be more than just beautiful, it may help protect you against deadly coronaviruses.  According to this Taiwan study published in 2005, the theaflavin in puer tea and traditional (baked) black tea created from enzymatic oxidation of tea leaves inhibited the reproduction of the deadly SARS virus.  SARS is a coronavirus. Theaflavins are antioxidant polyphenols that are reddish in color.  Since puer tea is one of the only raw teas, the enzymatic oxidation of the leaves continues for years.  This is why aged puer is darker in color than black tea.

SARS puer tea black tea study abstract

SARS puer tea black tea full study

So enjoy a cup of puer or traditional black tea in good health! Below is one of each.

2014 Superior Black Loose Puer

Traditional Organic Long Teng Cang Jiang Black Tea.


–Larry and Yang Su


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