Pure Puer Tea 2011 Annual Tea Tasting Event

Click the photo to view a slideshow of our 2011 Annual Tea Tasting Event which was held on Nov 5 in Corte Madera, CA.

4 Responses to Pure Puer Tea 2011 Annual Tea Tasting Event

  1. Monk #4 says:

    When sitting for prolonged periods such as during deep meditation, it is wise to move occasionally to promote healthy blood flow to the brain. Try it and you may acheive a higher state of cognition and awareness.

  2. jeffrey cohen says:

    nah, he’s guilty.

  3. larryc says:

    Monk #4 is contemplating his response to you Jeffrey. His knowledge is vast, his power, supreme, and his timing impeccable.

  4. jeffrey cohen says:

    i’m pretty sure it was number 4… something about him… but i just don’t know, officer. i had a bit too much tea and everything was moving so fast.

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