Bloomberg Puer Tea as Alternative Investment to Wine Video


Our friend and customer Orest Monokandilos told us about this video regarding puer tea as an alternative investment to wine. The article mentions that puer tea is considered a healthy drink in that it is good for reducing fat and aiding digestion. What the video doesn’t mention is that puer tea can actually be very affordable, and much cheaper than teabags found in most stores. This is because one tablespoon of puer tea can make up to ten cups of tea. Also, puer tea improves with age, so it can be stored for many years, unlike other teas.

Another advantage of investing in puer tea is that the value of the US Dollar and many other currencies tend to decline against the value of the Chinese currency, so investing in puer tea is a hedge against the declining dollar and other currencies.

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  1. larryc says:

    Hi Joan,

    No, a high quality, full leaf puer tea is very raw, and it will make many cups of tea with one tablespoon. As a rule of thumb, we usually say that for the larger leaf puer tea sizes, you can make ten 6oz cups per one tablespoon. The finer leaf sizes should make about 8 cups of tea. Also, the more the tea has been aged, it usually allows you to make somewhat more tea.
    Puer tea is very affordable when you consider how many cups you can brew per tablespoon. In the later brews, you should increase the brewing time to compensate to keep the tea at the desired strength. Overall, brewing time is very short.


  2. joan pies says:

    If you use 1 tablespoon of tea to make 10 cups…won’t it loose some of the power to help with weight loss of any of the other advantages of drinking puer tea??

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