Sale, and How Puer Benefits Brain Like Exercise

Some new ideas for our 10% off Holiday Sale. And something
interesting about puer which you probably didn’t know.

2018 Cang Xiang Black Puer Tea Cake  An excellent value, nice earthy flavor, smooth, balanced, good for aging, drinkable now.

2014 Xui-Ji Black Puer Tea Cake Wet brewed leaves give pleasant plum essence, body. smooth, clean. Up to 200-year-old tea trees.

2010 Meng Song Green Puer Mini Tuocha Great for convenience and travel. Hand pressed, full leaf from ancient tea trees. Relates back to a company that made tea for the Emperors. Only pounds produced per day.

2008 Yi Wu Green Puer Tea Cake Tea mountain of the Emperors. It doesn’t get any better than that. Sweet, clean, body and balance.

What does puer tea have to do with exercise? According to studies on exercise, when you exercise your brain activity increases, your brain waves increase in frequency and amplitude, and you become more alert. Your brain produces more of the neurotransmitters GABA and glutamate, the second most common transmitters in your brain. Exercise also promotes relaxation and elevates the mood. What else produces GABA, glutamate and theanine, key neurotransmitters? Puer tea. Especially after five years of aging. PS, GABA is good for anti cancer as well. Here is a link to the article:

Enjoy in good health!

Larry and Yang Su

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  1. Pat Brown says:

    Pure Puer is a wonderful tea supplier. Larry and Yang Su offer excellent advice and unsurpassed service. I highly recommend their tea for all, from highly discerning and educated connoisseurs to people new to fine teas.

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