2019 Pure Puer Tea Holiday Sale

Greetings Friend!

Welcome to our yearly 10% off Holiday Sale.  Everything on our website is 10% off from now until Christmas Day, Dec 25th.  As always, orders of $100 or more ship for free.

Here are some ideas:

2014 Superior Loose Black Puer   A Pure Puer signature tea. Remember, the more you buy, the more you save per ounce.

  2008 First Grade Loose Black Puer Tea   We’ve had some really good feedback regarding cholesterol improvement with this tea recently.

2014 Xishuangbanna Black Puer Tea Cake   Makes a nice gift.

  2015 Fu Gui Black Puer Tea Cake   We’ve had some good feedback regarding gout and arthritis with this one.

2006 Menghai Black Puer Tea Brick   A lot of serious puer tea drinkers like this one.

Organic Long Teng Cang Jiang Black Tea   A beautiful traditional (baked) black tea. It has everything. Apricot essence, body, balance and clean. From 100-year-old tea trees that grow in Yunnan, China, elevation 7000 feet.

2007 Wenlong Green puer Tea Brick

2006 Mengku Green Puer Tea Cake   Rich, a little earthy, smooth and clean. Popular at the 2019 San Francisco International Tea Festival.

Piao I 865 Teapot



Yixing Clay Containers and Teapots


“Living with Living Tea” ebook and Consultation  Discover the health benefits of puer. A unique perspective tha can change your life or that of a loved one.

Happy Holidays from Larry and Yang Su!



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