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Organic Long Teng Cang Jiang Black Tea
Type: Black
Harvest Area: Baoshan, Yunnan

Traditional (baked) black tea comes from the pristine mountains of Baoshan, Yunnan, China, elevation 7000 feet. European organic certification. This area is the birthplace of all the world's tea trees.

Soft, gentle, fragrant, refined, apricot essence, not bitter, flavor fills the mouth, nice body, very clean. What a black tea should be. Easy on stomach. Aroma sweet and clean.

This is a traditional baked black tea, so it must be sealed airtight for storage.

Amount to use: 5g tea to 6oz water. Each 5g can be brewed 8-10 times.

How to brew:
1) Rinse your tea in cold water first. About 10 seconds?discard water.
2) Use about 180-195 degrees water.
3) Brewing time 10-30 seconds.
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