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2006 Yi Wu Mountain Green Puer Tea Cake
Factory: Jin Yu Xuan
Harvest Year: Spring 2006
Type: Raw/Sheng
Harvest Area: Yi Wu Mountain

This teacake comes from the famous Yi Wu Mountain in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan. This hand picked, stone pressed cake is made from ancient puer tea trees that are from 300 to 800 years old. It has a rich body with tones of honey and flowers. It leaves a moist feeling in your mouth. The color is a clear, shiny yellow. It is a great tea to drink now, and is also an excellent tea for aging. The Jin Yu Xuan company only produces a limited amount of tea a year.

Amount to use: 1 tablespoon of tea to 3/4 of a cup of water (5g tea to 178ml water, or 0.18oz tea to 6oz water.) This tea can be brewed about 10 times.

How to brew: Gently loosen tea from the edge of the tea cake using a tea pick or a butter knife. Place the tea in the teapot. Add *205 degree F (96 C) water to the teapot to awaken and clean the tea. Immediately pour out and discard the water. Add water and brew 10-30 seconds. Serve. Be careful not to over brew this tea.

*This temperature may be approximated by:
1) Using water from a hot water dispenser or
2) Heating water until small bubbles form or
3) Removing a pot of boiling water from its heat source and letting it sit for about 5-10 minutes.

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