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Lemongrass Black Puer Tea
Our own Black Puer Tea with food grade lemongrass and a touch of spearmint essential oils. This tea is low in caffeine, easy on the stomach, low in acidity, and has all the benefits of puer tea. Lemongrass may be good for lowering cholesterol, may help fight cancer, may aid in urinary health, and may act as an anti-inflammatory. Lemongrass is commonly found in Thai food.

Brewing Instructions:
Place 1 tablespoon (5g) tea in the teapot. Add 205 degree F water to the teapot to awaken the tea. Immediately pour out and discard the water. Finally, add 17oz (500 ml) water, brew 5-10 min and serve.

Net Weight: 2oz, (56g)
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