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LAC T Piao I Tea Pot 500cc
The real Piao I 500cc (16.9oz capacity) teapot (6.5oz capacity inner cup) with a unique award-winning patented design. Our teapot is quick and convenient. Just add tea and hot water to the top cup. When tea has finished brewing, push the button on the cover. This opens the patented ball valve at bottom of the cup, allowing the brewed tea to drain to the lower container. The leaves no longer contact the water, so the tea is not over brewed.

The Piao I teapots which we sell are made in Taiwan, have outer containers made of durable Taiwan glass, food grade stainless steel filters and valves, an inner cup made of FDA approved polycarbonate (manufactured by one of the top three polycarbonate manufacturers in the world), and a handle made of fireproof bakelite.

The inner cup of the Piao I teapot has been tested in Taiwan for BPA leaching. Absolutely no BPA was found. The test, sensitive up to 10 parts per billion, involved boiling a used inner cup for an hour in acidic solution. Piao I test results.

This teapot is manufactured in Taiwan by the company which owns the patent for this teapot. Pure Puer Tea is the official US representative of the Piao I teapot company.

Beware of many counterfeit tea pots made in China which attempt to illegally copy the Piao I trademark, packaging and design. They can be found on the internet and in some stores in the US. In addition to being illegal, they are unsafe.

The fake products appear to be identical, but upon close comparison, one can see differences. They sell at "bargain" prices because they are not approved by the FDA, do not use food grade polycarbonate to make the inner cup (they use recycled PC from CD's, syringes, etc.) use weak glass made in China which often breaks, and wobble when placed on a flat surface.

W 3", H 6"
W 7.62cm, H

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