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Piao I PC-503 580cc Travel Buddy® with auto-straw (neoprene bottle jacket included)
Travel Buddy Tea Infuser bottle with auto-straw. The latest patented innovation from Piao I. One-handed operation. With your thumb, push a button and the straw automatically pops up. Close the lid, and it locks securely with a click. When the lid is closed it automatically closes and seals the straw. High quality reversible neoprene bottle jacket included (navy blue on one side and camouflage on the other side.) No more spills, lost or dirty bottle caps, fumbling with caps or need to tilt your head to drink. If quick and easy one-handed operation is important to you, this is your bottle.

Winner of a 2008 German Red Dot award for design excellence. May be used to brew tea cold or hot. Great for travel, backpacks, sports, the office, students, bicycles and cars. High quality, shatter resistant polycarbonate bottle made in Taiwan. Material approved by the FDA. Stainless steel filter, straw made of supple silicon. The filter may even be removed, and the bottle functions as a regular drinking bottle. Just make sure the silicon seal ring is placed in the bottom lid. Both ends of the bottle open for easy cleaning. Carry strap (shown) clips on and off.

Cold brewing: Open bottom lid and put tea leaves or tea bags into the stainless steel filter. Then tighten the bottom lid. Add cold water from top and place in refrigerator for 4-6 hours or overnight. Brewing strength may be controlled by using less tea, or by turning the bottle upside-down, or by removing the filter and tea. Do not place in freezer. Hint: when tea is cold-brewed it will not turn bitter if you use less tea

Hot brewing: Follow instructions above, using hot water. To avoid burning yourself, do not hold the top and bottom lids and turn them at the same time. Open the top and pour hot water into the bottle (no more than 90% capacity.) The lid has a patented no- leak air pressure relief valve and chamber which prevent excessive pressure build up. See instructions for important safety information before use.

W 3", H 9"
W 7.5cm, H 23cm

580cc (19.6oz) capacity.

580cc (25oz) capacity.

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