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Bamboo Tea Tray long 2pcs<br><font color="#cc6600">Sold Out</font>
Manufactured in: Taiwan

This tray is smooth and strong, made from thick, solid bamboo. It has a high quality finish and tightly fitted joints. This product is made by the Pu Yuan company of Taiwan; one of the highest quality manufacturers of tea trays in the world. The tray comes in an attractive gift box.

How to use: After tea is washed, pour the discarded tea water into the tea tray. Unfinished tea water can also be poured into the tray. This allows the tea server to serve tea without having to leave the table. The tray is made to withstand boiling water.

How to care: Empty the tray when you are finished. Rinse with water. If needed, wipe with a non-abrasive sponge. Dry with a soft, clean cloth. Air dry before storing.

W 15", D 5.7", H 2"
W 38cm, D 14.5cm, H 5cm

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