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Price: $54.00
Glass Travel Buddy® GL-601 500cc without straw (neoprene bottle jacket included)
Glass Travel Buddy without straw. The latest patented innovation from Piao I, now with a glass body version. Close the lid, and it locks with a click. No leaks. Patented pressure relief system and patented tapered body. High quality red neoprene bottle jacket with handle strap.

The body is made from laboratory quality borosilicate glass in Taiwan (like pyrex.)  This means that it can go straight from the refrigerator to containing hot liquids without breaking.  The borosilicate glass can withstand 1112°F (600° C) temperatures, and a sudden temperature change of 302°F (150°C.) Removable stainless steel filter can tolerate acidity and alkalinity. Food-grade seals are made from the same material used to make baby bottle nipples. Cap and filter frame made from non-BPA leaching polycarbonate sourced from Dow Chemical and Tejin of Japan.
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